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Wereham Parish Council Minutes September

October 2012


Draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 11th September 2012 at 7.30pm in Wereham village hall

Present: Chairman Cllr P Norris, vice chair Cllr G Koopowitz, Cllr D Deighton, Cllr J Bruce, Borough Cllr Colin Sampson, Clerk.

Apologies: Cllr G Key, Cllr C Humphries, Cllr K Newell.

Members of the public: 8

Cllr P Norris read out a précis of the “notes for the public attending Parish Council meetings”.

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 24th July 2012 discussed and agreed by all Councillors present. Proposer: Cllr J Bruce, 2nd: Cllr D Deighton.

Declarations of interest

Members are invited to declare personal prejudicial interests in items on the agenda. It is a requirement that declarations from a member include the nature of the interest and whether it is personal or prejudicial.

None declared.

Chairman reports/updates

Cllr P Norris updated the Council on progress with various jobs reported to Highways, specifically all of The Row has now had all of the potholes repaired but Wereham Row is still outstanding.

Council discussed possible sites for new salt grit bins, proposed sites are East End of Back Lane, St Margaret’s Hill and Queens Close area. Council all agreed to purchase three Nestor 370L salt grit bins at £179.11 + VAT. Proposer: Cllr G Koopowitz, 2nd Cllr J Bruce.

Cllr D Deighton reported on prices and packages available to purchase a laptop, printer and software. The cost of the equipment is estimated to be £450.00.  Council all agreed to the purchase of the equipment at a cost of no more than £450.00 and use the free software Open Office, to be reviewed after a trial period.

Council have adopted and signed standing orders, financial standing orders and freedom of information policy.

Council will review the budget in light of the decision to purchase salt bins and computer equipment.

Annual play inspection has been carried out by Wicksteed playscapes on 6th September 2012, awaiting report.

Council agreed to seek advice and quotations for a tree management plan from three independent tree surgeons or professional services. Proposer: Cllr P Norris, 2nd Cllr G Koopowitz. All Councillors agreed.

Council received an Email relating to 29 Queens Close, requesting that the Council remove the deadly nightshade which is said to be growing from the cemetery onto private property, Council agreed to seek advice on the dangers of deadly nightshade and possible action to be taken fromCGM’s Operations Manager. Cllr P Norris will request a meeting with Operation Manager to review the overgrown areas of the cemetery and the areas receiving four times yearly application of herbicide.

Council discussed with Norfolk Association of Local Councils (NALC) the issues regarding the new fence erected at the boundary of the playing field. The Council have been strongly advised by NALC to put in place a written agreement between the Council and the land owners for the use of the playing field.

Cllr J Bruce and Cllr P Norris will discuss with previous Councillors the history and any previous agreements set up.

Cllr D Deighton discussed concerns with The Old Post Office buildings, the structure appears very unstable and there are loose roof tiles. Clerk will request an urgent site meeting with Karl Gay, Building Control at the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk.


Letter received from Bennett Homes apologising for noise levels at The Springs development following a letter sent by the Council.

Briefing note on the management of Public rights of way. Circulate to all Councillors.

Letter received form Karl Gay Building control surveyor regarding the Old Post office.

Email correspondence received from Andre Calton with reference to deadly nightshade at the bottom of the garden 29 Queens Close.

H Brett and Son: proposed memorial for Janet Whitham, approved by Council.

Norfolk Association of Local CouncilsAGM2012 nominations of officer’s papers. Circulate to all Councillors.

Norfolk Link available to read. Circulate to all Councillors.

Planning applications

Land at Woodstock Farm, Gibbet Lane Wereham, proposed: development reception building and occupational development. An inspector has been appointed by the secretary of State to determine this appeal by way of informal hearing which will commence at 10.00am on 10th October 2012 in Council offices Kings Lynn. Cllr C Humphries will attend.

Permission is granted for single storey extension and alterations to 6 Back Lane.

Permission is granted for extension to existing agricultural building at New College Farm, College Road.

Payments for approval/Resolutions

Clerk                                                                                     £346.29

E.on July                                                                               £  31.14

E.on August                                                                         £  32.18

E.on September                                                                £  32.18

Pearce and KempLTD                                    £242.53

CGMLandscapes (play area)                        £847.20

CGMLandscapes (Maintenance)                                £812.52

JD Signs                                                                                 £    9.00

Mazars external audit                                     £144.00

Council agreed to pay all invoices with the exception ofCGMLandscapes (play area) £847.20, this payment will be reviewed following the play area inspection report.

Proposer: Cllr G Koopowitz, 2nd: Cllr J Bruce.

Matters requiring attention

Issues brought to the attention of the Council, No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Cllr P Norris gave thanks to Cllr C Humphries for clearing around the new willow tree.

Council agreed that the precept should be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting.

Cllr P Norris read out the receipts and payments for this period.

Council discussed obtaining quotes for general maintenance and grass cutting next year.

Cllr G Koopowitz discussed the hedge on School lane; it is overgrown and creating poor visibility.

Cllr J Bruce suggested that the cemetery hedge be part of next year’s maintenance programme.

Borough Cllr C Sampson offered advice on items discussed; the BCKLWN have a tree advisor who may be able to help advise on a management program. Tom Tree atCGMwill be able to advise on deadly nightshade and Cllr Sampson will help to make progress with the concerns over the Old Post Office.

Public comments/ question time

No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Some parts of the hedges on Lammas meadow lane needs trimming. Cllr P Norris will discuss with farmers.

Mr D Lockwood offered to erect a bridle path finger board and post to replace the missing one at the West end of Lammas Meadow Lane.

Clerk to contact Cllr K Newell with reference to previous offer of oak posts and finger boards.

Meeting closed 9.30pm

The next meeting will be on 13th November 2012.

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