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Wereham Parish Council Minutes 24 July 2012

October 2012


Draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 24th July 2012 at 7.30pm in Wereham village hall

Present: Chairman Cllr P Norris, Cllr C Humphries, Cllr D Deighton, Cllr G Key, Cllr J Bruce, Cllr K Newell, Borough Cllr Colin Sampson, Tom TreeCGM general manager, Clerk.

Apologies: Cllr G Koopowitz

Members of the public: 9

Cllr P Norris welcomed Tom Tree General Manager ofCGM; Mr Tree delivered a written explanation and apology with regards to the recent performance of the company. He stated that he was ashamed and appalled by the standard of work carried out; this was due to a certain member of staff who is no longer with the company. Following the schedule cuts in future the work will be regularly checked and monitored by management to maintain a good standard. All areas will be cut in the same week.

As a gesture of goodwillCGMhas cut the hedge at the cemetery.

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the meetings held on 8th May 2012 and 29th May 2012 were discussed and agreed by all Councillors present.

Declarations of interest

Members are invited to declare personal prejudicial interests in items on the agenda. It is a requirement that declarations from a member include the nature of the interest and whether it is personal or prejudicial.

None declared.

Chairman reports/updates

Cllr P Norris read out a statement “notes for the public attending Parish Council meetings”.

Cllr P Norris gave a brief report on a meeting held with Ian Burton operations manager ofCGM.

Cllr P Norris updated the Council on progress with various jobs reported to Highways: should all be completed by middle August.

Cllr P Norris read out a statement from A.on Insurance Company with reference to the level of cover in place for volunteer workers.

Council discussed possible sites for new salt grit bins, proposed sites are East End of Back Lane, St Margaret’s Hill and Queens Close area. Prices range from £98.00 + Vat each. Decision is yet to be made.

Quotes received for a sign at the play area are Wickstead £175.00,          JD Signs  £7.50. It was proposed to get new sign from JD Signs. Proposer: Cllr D Deighton, 2nd: Cllr P Norris.

Cllr K Newell gave a brief report on planning training session attended and also reported following a safety inspection of grave stones in the cemetery that they are all present and intact.

Cllr K Newell will contact Bonnets with reference to a quote received to carry out work at the cemetery

Cllr P Norris proposed that the Council purchase laptop and printer following a review of current on loan equipment by Cllr D Deighton. Proposer: Cllr J Bruce, 2nd: Cllr D Deighton.

Council have adopted and signed new code of conduct.


Signed letters received from Mr Rye and parishioners stating that the Council should not plant a willow tree near the path.

Letter received from a parishioner with regards to the upkeep and maintenance of Wereham.

Proposed memorial received from H Brett and Son for Norman James Rolph, no objections made by Council.

G4N and Fincham group diary 2012 available to view.

Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meetings: 19th September West Dereham Village Hall 7.00pm, 21st November Marham Village Hall7.00pm.

Fiona Davies is a local sign writer and restorer, offering her services.

Norfolk RCC newsletter is available to read.

Norfolk County Council recycling facility tour on Friday 19th October – Cllr P Norris to attend.

The Norfolk Hospice tapping house golf charity day.

War memorial letter.

Email received voicing concern over the pink limousine on display as you enter the village.

Planning applications

1. Permission is granted for outline application: proposed residential development at pleasance Flegg Green.

2. Permission is granted for conservatory extension at Windy Willows Cavenham Road.

3. Application for Listed buildings consent: alterations to modern single storey rear extension at Pitt Farm Church Road- Council had no objections. Consent has been granted.

4. Application for single storey extension and alterations to dwelling at6 Back Lane, no objections made.

5. Application extension to existing agricultural building atNew College Farm College Road, no objections made.

6. British Sugar Wissington Planning Approval amendments, Ref PP/C/2/2012/2003 - Cllr Deighton gave a brief summary of this application. Council made no objections. Proposer: Cllr G Key, 2nd: Cllr D Deighton.

7. Appeal application for Land at Woodstock Farm-proposed development: Reception building and occupational dwelling. The appeal is against the decision of the borough planning authority to refuse planning permission. Council made no objections to this application and were in support of the original application Proposer Cllr P Norris, 2nd: Cllr G Key.

Payments for approval/Resolutions

Hodson office supplies ink                                          £  41.13

Clerk                                                                                     £348.21

Matters requiring attention

Issues brought to the attention of the Council, No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Cllr C Humphries reported that following the recent resurfacing of the roads there is a lot of loose grit in the junctions. Clerk to report to Highways. Also the area around the new tree which has been planted at the pond needs to be cleared.

Cllr C Humphries proposed that a 20mph sign be erected onSchool Lanewhere the road narrows on a tight corner. Clerk to advise highways.

Cllr D Deighton now has access to the village website Werehamtoday.co.uk, the minutes and agendas will be posted on here.

Cllr K Newell expressed concern over the new fence and pedestrian gate erected at the boundary of the playing field. The wires on the original boundary fence appear to have been removed but the original concrete posts remain. The Parish Council maintains the playing field. The Council will seek legal advice from Norfolk Association of local Councils with regards to the ownership of the playing field and possible use of the pedestrian access onto the field. Proposer: Cllr D Deighton, 2nd: Cllr K Newell.

Cllr G Key requested that Council write to the contractors working at Flegg Green to raise concerns over the noise level of the radios during the day.

Public comments/ question time

No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Member of the public congratulated the Council on their seating arrangement for the meeting, it allows the public to hear and see what is going on.

Member of the public reported a dip or hollow in the A134 close to the Flegg Green junction, which is very noisy when lorries pass over and there are numerous pot holes.

Oak tree near the phone box needs trimming.

Reference School Lanerequest above Borough Councillor Colin Sampson reported that it is not easy to obtain 20mph signs, suggested Council contact “20 Is Plenty” group via West Norfolk Borough Council.

The mobile post office van is coming to Wereham Monday – Friday12.15pm – 1.15pmfrom August.

Cllr P Norris closed the meeting asking that anybody with hedges adjacent to pavements please ensure that they are trimmed back.

Meeting closed9.00pm

The next meeting will be on11th September 2012.

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