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Northwold Parish Council Minutes 3 July 2012

October 2012



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Mrs S Jackson, Mr A Collins, Mr F Eglington,  Mrs S Leet, Mr M Peake, Miss A Muir.

3 members of the public.

1.    No Apologies for absence received.

It was noted Mr D George has resigned as a Parish Councillor due to work commitments.

2.  No Declarations of Interest made.

3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 06/06/12 were agreed as a true record.

4.  Matters raised from previous meetings.

  • Pot holes along Pinfold Lanehave now been repaired.
  • The Chairman and Clerk are to meet a stonemason at the War Memorial on July 4th to consider work needed to clean and re-letter the memorial.
  • Members of Northwold Sports & Social Club had been invited to attend the Parish Council meeting but none were present to discuss the agreement for use of the Sports & Social Club building.

5.  Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report

  • Vandals have removed the 5mph sign from along Common Drove and sand bags and concrete have been moved in an attempt to dam the river. The Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Environment Agency will be made aware of this. Research is still being undertaken to establish who may be responsible for the footbridge over the river along Common Drove as repair is needed to the railings of the bridge.
  • Reports have been made to the Police and the Borough Council regarding loud music played in the village until 12.45amon June 23rd. Noise annoyance can be dealt with by the Borough Council but a one off event is hard to control.
  • Concern has been raised again regarding grass cutting around the Parish. The contractors will be made aware of this. The Parish Council is due to invite tenders again next year for the parish grounds maintenance contract.
  • Brambles and branches need to be trimmed back along the footpath betweenNorman Drive, Whittington and theMethwold Road. Mrs. S Jackson has offered to trim offending branches.

5.2    The Clerk’s Report

  • The Clerk has met with the Highway Engineer for the area to ascertain the suitability of locations for a dog waste bin towards the A134 end ofHovell Laneand locations for benches and trees to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee.
  • A complaint made to BCKLWN Environmental Health regarding noise from the bottle banks situated at the Village Hall has been passed to the Village Hall Committee.
  • A resident has contactedNCCHighways regarding the spraying of the roadsides.

5.3    Update from CAN

It was agreed to briefly suspend the meeting to allow the new Chairman of CAN to introduce himself. The next meeting of CAN will take place in August.

5.4    Manor House update

No update regarding Manor House although it is expected something may happen soon!.

6.  Agreement with Northwold Sports & Social Club for hire of the Club building

Comment was made that the Sports & Social Club has had more than sufficient time to consider the proposed new agreement relating to hire of the Club building. The Parish Council had hoped that the recent change of officers at the Social Club would have led to better communication from the Club, but so far this has not been the case. It was suggested that Miss Alison Muir could meet with a member of the Sports & Social Club to try to progress matters.


  • Mr Adrian Jenkinson has met with the Highway Engineer for the area to request a speed limit for the A134 by the Methwold Crossroads. A further accident involving a local person  has occurred at the crossroads during the past month

7.  The following payments were agreed:

Village Hall Committee                                                       £12.00

Clerk Salary                                                                        £89.95

CGM– grounds maintenance x2                                                                   £592.34

Post Office - IR                                                                                                        £90.27

7.1 It was agreed to make a contribution of £275.00 towards transport costs for summer youth activities which will be open to all children in Northwold.

7.2 It was agreed to make a contribution of £60.00 towards purchase of goal nets

8.   Correspondence

8.1 Norfolk RCC Signpost magazine etc.

8.2 Rural Opportunities Bulletin June 2012

8.3 Posters to display - “Don’t lose your right to vote” www.visitreg.com

9.   Planning applications received for consultation

9.1 Construction of residential annexe instead of approved garage & gym in conjunction with approved dwelling under construction at Baggins Rest, 3 West End Barns,West End, Northwold 12/00857/F


9.2 Continued use of land for storage and maintenance of big tops and equipment associated with the entertainment industry at Oak Lodge,Thetford Road, Northwold 12/00980/CU


10. Celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

It was agreed commemorative benches will be located by the telephone box on theMethwold Roadin Northwold and by the notice board at Whittington. The Highway Engineer has verbally agreed these locations and an application will now be made formally to Highways. Prices of benches will be researched and this matter will be an agenda item again for the August Parish Council meeting.

It was also agreed trees will be planted to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Suggested locations being the school, Normandy Close and Northwold Playing Field. The Chairman will approach the school about this and Miss Muir will talk to Northwold Sports & Social Club,

Mrs S Leet offered to donate trees to be planted.

11. It was agreed to accept the new Code of Conduct for Councillors as adopted by the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk**.**

Councillors were presented with new acceptance of the Code of Conduct forms and Declaration of Interest forms to be completed and returned to the Clerk as soon as possible.

12. No further reports made.

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