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Northwold Parish Council Meeting August

October 2012



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Mr M Peake, Mrs S Leet, Miss A Muir, Mr F Eglington, Mrs S Jackson, Mr A Collins.

3 members of the public

1.  No apologies for absence.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 03/07/12 were agreed as a true record.

4.  Matters arising from previous meetings:

  • A member of the public has stated that they would be willing to repair the bridge at Common Drove. It is not known who is responsible for maintenance of the bridge and further enquiries will be undertaken.
  • A request has been submitted to Highways regarding siting of a dog waste bin along Hovell’s Lane between the Playing Field and the A134.
  • A stonemason has been approached regarding maintenance and re-lettering of the War Memorial. A quote for the work suggested is awaited.

5.  Reports

5.1          Chairman’s Report

  • The Chairman has asked the Headteacher of Northwold Primary School whether the School pupils would wish to be involved with planting trees in commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Fendick’s Field. Mrs S Leet has offered to donate trees to be planted and this matter will be an agenda item for the September meeting of the Parish Council.

5.2               The Clerk’s Report

  • The grounds maintenance contractors engaged by the Parish Council have reported that there is a major infestation of chafer bugs at Northwold Recreation Ground. It was noted the contractors have asked for patience as they attempt to keep on schedule with grounds maintenance work.  Due to the incremental weather this year the company feels it has been extremely difficult to maintain high standards that are expected by customers. There has been concern registered by parishioners regarding the quality of grass cutting both at the Cemetery and at the Recreation Ground.
  • No request for an election to fill the recent vacancy on Northwold Parish Council has been made; therefore the Parish Council has a duty to try to fill the three vacancies on the Council by co-option. Notices advertising the vacancy have been posted in the village notice boards.
  • The Clerk has attended a course entitled ‘Grave Matters’. The course raised the question of the amount of time Exclusive Rights of Burial should be held for and focused on various matters relating to Health and Safety including grave digging and memorial maintenance. The need to consider future demand for cemetery space and differing burial requests was also debated and it was suggested the rights of burial and the right to erect a memorial should be decoupled so greater control regarding the stability of memorials could be undertaken.

5.3               CAN Update

The meeting was briefly suspended to allow an update from the Chairman of CAN

  • The next meeting of CAN is to be held on 9th August.
  • The recent Scarecrow Weekend was deemed a success and plans are for the weekend to be repeated in 2013.

5.4               Manor House Update

  • Mr Peake reported that the Borough Council is reluctant to move into compulsory purchase of the Manor House and it is hoped a buyer will come forward. The Borough Council cannot afford to purchase the property unless a buyer is found. It was stated that any interested parties should contact either the Parish Council or the Borough Council of King’s Lynnand West Norfolk.

6. Sports & Social Club agreement

The Chairman, Miss Muir and the Clerk met with members of Northwold Sports & Social Club on July 25th 2012 to try to reach an agreement regarding the lease for the Sports & Social Club building.

The meeting was felt to have been very positive. The Chairman of the Club was keen to show the improvements which have been made to the Club building and it is hoped the Club will continue to move forward.

Councillors had previously been presented with copies of the notes from the meeting of the 25th and a copy of the draft lease which was confirmed. It was noted the date for the next payment of rent for the building will beApril 1st 2013.

The Club is also reviewing its constitution.


  • Mr A Jenkinson presented the Council with photographs showing how the visibility at the junction of theMethwold Roadwith the A134 has deteriorated. Hedges to the side of the junction have grown considerably so restricting visibility when pulling out of the village from theMethwold Road. Mr Jenkinson is to approach Highways about this once again. Comment was made about the danger for horses crossing the road at this point. There is no sign warning of horses crossing.
  • The Parish Council has contributed towards financing transport to summer activities for youngsters which are being held at Stoke Ferry and Southery. However, it was noted the offer of transport has not been widely taken up.
  • Mrs S Freemantle advised the Parish Council that Northwold Youth Club has applied to be involved with a project which is hopefully to be run by West Norfolk Voluntary and Community Action (WNVCA) to assist young people to gain experience undertaking voluntary work which could then be noted on their CV’s. A request was made, and accepted, for a letter in support of this scheme to be sent from the Parish Council to aid the funding bid being made by WNVCA.
  • Mr A Jenkinson advised the problem with the chafer bugs at the Recreation Ground could be improved if the ground were to be rolled regularly. Enquiries will be made regarding this.
  • It was reported that road markings by the junction ofChurch LaneandHovells Laneare not clear.

7.  The following payments were agreed:

Village Hall Committee                                                                  £12.00

Clerk’s salary                                                                     £127.40

K & M Lighting                                                                     £53.76

Country Grounds Maintenance                                 £296.17

North Lynn Discovery Ltd (donation)                      £275.00

E.on                                                                                                       £153.77

Anglian Water                                                                     £29.06

T Waller (Whittingon sign)                                                            £62.50

Stationery                                                                                               £2.35

Car Scheme                                                                                        £141.75

Councillors were presented with a budget update and a current internal statement showing bank reconciliation for07/08/12of £24,735.45.

7.1 Clearing of overhanging hedges on the pathway betweenNorman Driveand theMethwold Roadat Whittington.

Mrs S. Jackson and Mr R. Warner were thanked for cutting hedges back along the path and future trimming will be undertaken by a resident.

8.  Correspondence

  • Openness and transparency on personal interests – A guide for Councillors.

8.1 Letter received regarding the population of rabbits in the Cemetery:

Discussion took place regarding the points raised in a letter received from an allotment holder regarding the rabbit population in the Cemetery. Crops in the allotments are being decimated by rabbits and a request has been made to eradicate the rabbits in the Cemetery in the hope that this might alleviate the problem in the allotments.

The Parish Council has approached a pest controller for advice and has been informed that adjacent land would also need to be cleared of rabbits if the population were to be controlled. The suggestion was made that the rabbit problem could be alleviated by fencing the allotment area.

It was decided that rabbits in the Cemetery would not be culled at this time as this action would have little effect on the overall population. It was also felt a number of residents would be against killing the rabbits.

9. Planning applications received for consultation

9.1 Agricultural building and new field access to the Barns, Whittington Hill,Methwold Road12/01181/F


9.2 Barn conversion at3 High Street, Northwold 12/00944/F


10. Purchase of seats to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Council considered several different makes of seats, including seats of different materials. It is planned to locate two seats to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee; one to be positioned by the telephone box atMethwold Road, Northwold and the other by the notice board at Whittington Hill.

It was agreed to purchase two four foot oak seats at an estimated cost of £360 each. There will be additional costs for fixing the seats in place and for plaques for the seats.

11.     Further reports/items for the next agenda

11.1      It was noted a planning application has been submitted for a Change of Use at the Bulldog Garage, Northwold (proposed shops).

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