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Boughton Parish Council Agenda & Minutes August Meeting

October 2012

Boughton  Parish Council.  Meeting 10.8.2012. Councillors are summoned to a meeting for the purposes of transacting the following business.


  1. Minutes extraordinary meeting 22nd June 2012
  2. Matters Arising
    1. It appears there a lot of vehicles parking in private access gateways. Signs to be erected by landowner to politely divert people from this area.
    2. Water management was raised due to the change in ground profile in August – WIP. Are AW dipwells still necessary? – Council to investigate?
    3. Drain issues caused by highways culvert, this is to be researched and is WIP – MPO will invite highways to next meeting.
    4. Are signs to be erected regard dog control and ownership responsibility?
  3. Chairman’s Report – F. Reid
  4. Report from Councillors.

i.      Highways & Planning                                             T. Madgwick

ii.      Drainage                                                                      G. Proctor

iii.      Signs & Street Furniture                       P. Agate

  1. Village sign

iv.      Public Rights of Way                                              D. Cooper

v.      Fen Report                                                 M. Pogmore

  1. Co-option of Councillor

  1. Financial Report                                                   D Horkan
  2. Correspondence

Meeting Closes

Open Questions

Date of Next Meeting 9th Nov, 2012 –19:00

The Public are welcome to this meeting

Date held:10th August 2012Venue:All Saints, Boughton
Dave Horkan (DHO)ClerkApologies: 
Frank Reid (FRE)Councillor/Chairman  
Mark Pogmore (MPO)CouncillorChair:Frank Reid
Tim Madjwick (TMA)Councillor  
Peter Agate (PAG)CouncillorDistribution:BCC
David Cooper (DCO)Councillor  
Geoff Proctor (GPR)Councillor  
Public Members   

No     Item                                                                                                                                            Action by     Action  date

1.       Apologies:

No apologies presented,FRErequested close session meeting finalisation to agree other standing orders and procedures, agreed.

2.       Minutes of the Meeting – 22nd June 2012                                                                   FRE

Minutes of previous meeting, 22nd June provided by DHO, agreed, signed and initialled throughout by FRE, file to copy.                                                                                                                                                      DHO              10/8/12

3.            Matters Arising

  1. It appears there a lot of vehicles parking in private access gateways. Signs to be erected by landowner to politely divert people from this area.

Ans. It was confirmed that the resident has right to display signs on his property to instruct regard access, this should not be on the highway owned verge andBPChas no jurisdiction to erect signage on private property.

  1. Water management was raised due to the change in ground profile in August – WIP.ARE AW dip wells still necessary? – Council to investigate?

Ans. The dip wells are in fact Environment Agency property and confirmation has been received from Ian Levett of same that they are to remain.

  1. Drain issues caused by highways culvert, this is to be researched and is WIP – MPO will invite highways to next meeting.

Ans. MPO has arranged to meet with the highways engineer Weds 15th August to discuss way forward

  1. Are signs to be erected regarding dog control and ownership responsibility?

Ans BPC and Fen committee in agreement that dogs be kept on lead, confirmed by MPO that this is legal requirement on SSSIFRE asked DCO if in his opinion dog lead signs should be displayed, agreed, MPO explained possibility of displaying advisory signs.

TMArequested an adoption of controlled policy with no fouling notice, GPR agreed.

PAGagreed signage then required.

MPO to arrange signage and locations at his discretion with input on sign compilation from K Fisher.



4.       Chairman’s Report – F Reid

Chairman’s report. 10th August.

Olympic Torch Relay.

Despite the weather there was an excellent turn out to cheer on the Boughton Runners. They all did us proud. The organisers told us that Boughton was one of the best turnouts of the day. Following the Run the damp revellers then enjoyed the various games that were arranged on the Green. The Pie Bake Challenge was a great success, with 31 pies presented for the judges to taste and deliberate on.

Junior Winners: - Ben & Eloise George with a very tasty Apple Pie.

Adult winner:-     Tom Roberts with a fruit pie ( The first Pie he has ever made )

Our thanks to all Boughton residents for braving the weather and supporting the village. Many thanks also to all those that rolled up their sleeves and help put it all together.

Ditch. Corner of the Green.

Following complaint from a resident, County Highways have piped and filled in this small ditch. The Parish Council were not informed about this work, and have informed Highways of our disappointment at not being included in communications.

There had been a nuisance odour resembling domestic waste, which hopefully has now been corrected.


The planning requirements of Boughton are not at all substantial. So we will be splitting Highways involvement between Councillors Cooper and Madgwick.

David looking after Public Rights of way, Tim looking after road surfaces. Andy Wallace, County Highways, are aware of the small change.

Boughton Youth Gatherings.

Following the purchase of the table tennis table, Paul Coulten, Michelle Heath and Sandy Reid have started a youth meeting on Tuesday evenings. This is now becoming quite well established with further games being donated. Up to 15 youngsters now get together to play Table Tennis, darts, draughts, chess, monopoly swing ball, and a very noisy block balancing game (Jenga).

A number of adults are also getting involved, and some really good ideas and opportunities are being discussed.

The group is looking to be self-funding and financially independent, so the youngsters are very likely to do some fundraising for them selves.

Inter-village Challenge.  Boughton v Barton Bendish.

This is set for 19th August.  4.30 pm BB village Hall.

Best Cake competition.  Adult and junior entries are welcome; in addition there will be a novelty cake section.

Fen Committee terms of reference.

Following a Statement by J. Cross, at our internal audit, regarding Council Committees. I have consulted the National Association of Local Councils and am informed that our Fen Committee is correctly set up and complies with local government Standing Orders. We are however advised to have Terms of reference in place. These have been compiled, circulated and agreed. I now table these for Council acceptance.

Agreed and signed.


5.       Councillors Reports

i. Highways & Planning – T Madgwick

Notification of planning request received this evening from weekly list received by DHO, to investigate.

Meeting with Highways Ranger on Weds 15


Aug to express our concerns on areas at risk.

Church Lane is particularly bad due to RCV traffic.

One verge in the parish retains verge obstructions in contravention of the highways act.

PAGrequested that although out of parish, if Gibbet land passing places could be raised also?

ii. Drainage – G. Proctor

One incident reported regard over flowing ditch caused by culvert blockage resulting in overflow escaping downCrab Lane– GPR has cleared this and monitored since with no recurrence.                     Note

Reference was made also to a blocked gully onChurch Lanewhich will be brought to the attention of the Highways Ranger                                                                                                                                                 TMA               15/8

iii. Signs & Street Furniture – P. Agate

No works to street signage/furniture in the last period.

Works planned.

1.  Footpath signs around the village to receive annual preservative treatment;

2. The Frank Savage picnic table on The Green will be inspected and treated as appropriate.

i Village Sign on The Green.

We have received an unsolicited quote from a sign repairer (Fiona Davies). This includes fixing a galvanised strap to prevent the sign from bowing any more, and possibly splitting, and a general clean and refurbishment. We are advised that this work may give the sign a further five years. The estimated cost is £550.

Council agreed to monitor and maintain.


iv. Public Rights of Way – D Cooper

Footpath from Church toMill Hill Roadwas in good shape and we have had assistance in this from the public in particular the owner of the paddock area at the extremity of the path, however, the horse traffic sometimes can cause deep indentations and should be monitored discreetly.

It was agreed to research the possibility of “finger” signs to inform where the path lead for strangers, proposal agreed MPO to assist.

As we only own half of the other public right of way to Wereham, we cannot do a lot with the unmaintained section in that Parish



v. Fen Report – M Pogmore

This is the quiet time of year when we generally keep a low profile on the fen.

However, with the creation of the new walk, there has been a tremendous effort by a number of volunteers to keep the walk clear in this year of unprecedented grass and weed growth.  We have done this, firstly with strimmers, and then with a special cutting machine which we had on trial from Lawnboy at Downham Market.  We may now purchase one of these cutters to assist with path maintenance.

The walk continues to be well used, and has been included in the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk “Fit Together” health walks programme, after Jackie Squires, from the District Council met Allan and I to try the route out for herself.

The Committee are preparing work schedules for the winter, and will be inviting tenders for this,  We will, of course, still be organising our own working parties to carry out a variety of tasks in the coming months.

6.       Co-Option of Councillor

DHO and S Horkan asked to leave meeting to allow council discussion on co-option candidate.

A Parishioner having expressed an interest in the current vacancy Co-option was discussed. A number of Councillors stated that having only met the Parishioner on a few occasions, some only once, they were not sure. Following debate, the majority of Council were undecided. A show of hands confirmed that if unsure, Council should not proceed with co-option at this time.

7. Financial Report – D. Horkan

Audit completed and sent but lost in post due to “large letter” stamp requirement, this has happened to some 1,500 other parish councils.

Duplicate re-sent, confirmation then received that original has been received.

Insure cheque sent to CAME, lost in their office, duplicate sent under threat of policy cancellation, apologies then received as cheque then found.

Confirmation received from the company that both cheques had in fact been presented and the current Acc summary for BPC confirmed this.

As BPC are locked into a fixed price deal for 3 years due to the £100 per annum saving, council decided to leave on Acc but would request confirmation in writing of non obligation 13/14



Boughton Parish Council                                    Date

Balance at year end                                                                                         £1,915.23

Income and Expenditure Account for 3 months ending 31.7 2011


Precept                                                                                          10/04/2012                     £1,300.00

Wishing well                                                                                21/05/2012                     £20.27

Pie Challenge                                                                              11/06/2012                     £77.87

Donations                                                                                     25/06/2012                     £5.00

Sub Total                                                                                                              £1,403.14


Mower fuel                                                                                  13/04/2012                     £18.46

Stationery and Postage                                                                                  £0.00

NALC Subscription 8-4-11                                                       18/04/2012                     £86.55

Mower fuel                                                                                  23/05/2012                     £23.35

Kings Lynn Signs                                                                         01/06/2012                     £104.11

Mower fuel                                                                                  27/06/2012                     £22.56

Mower Spares                                                                             27/06/2012                     £31.82

Came insurance                                                                          04/07/2012                     £296.70

Wishing Bucket EACH Donation                                           16/07/2012                     £50.00

Came insurance agreed for 12-13                                       20/07/2012                     £296.70

Sub Total                                                                                                              £930.25     0.00

Total                                                                                                                       £2,388.12

Savers Acc                                                                                                                                 £1,866.85

Balance as bank statement - BPC                                                               £2,388.12  £2,388.12

Forecast Total                                                                                                                         £4,254.97

Cheques to Sign, J cross - £20.00 & Hylton Gott £43.17

FRE                                                                                                                                               8/10

Fen Committee Financial Report

Presented at Parish Council Meeting 10th August 2012

Financial transactions for the period 4th May 2012 to 8th August 2012

Income                                                                                   Nil


Cheque issued to Greenfingers                                £1720.00

Cheque issued to M Pogmore                       £32.57

Cheque issued to Arien Signs                    £1664.40

Closing balance £5,199.23

8.       Correspondence

  1. Audit – lack of receipt
  2. Planning application summary – email
  3. Code of Conduct – Signed at meeting
  4. Bank Statements
  5. Commercial Flyers


Meeting closed

Matters arising

Date and Venue of Next Meetings: 9th November  2012- 19:00  All saints Church Boughton

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