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October 2012


B  -  B.B.Q



Don’t be stumped for something to do on September 16th.

Come along and support.

Boughton CC v  Geoff Proctor and Farmer Friends

Time:  Match Start2.00pm

Date:   Sunday 16th September

Venue: Boughton Cricket Pitch,Wretton Road

B.B.Q will be available during the afternoon. Bring along your chairs and relax, to watch this all round entertaining match.

Hopefully not too many wide balls,

Leaving the ducks on the village pond!!!!!!


Boughton Jazz Picnic

Remarkably, the Gods shone on Boughton once again, and a glorious window in this dreadful weather occurred for the Boughton Jazz Picnic on 21st July.  It was a lovely day, warm without being too hot, and the crowds came out to enjoy it.  Picnics were out in force, all over Paul’s lawn and the barrels of real ale did not disappoint either.

Barrie Tyler’s Dixieland Jazz Band  were on form and provided a super afternoon of music for all to enjoy.  The proceeds this year were raised for ‘Help the Heroes’, and we understand from Paul that this amounted to around £2000.

Our thanks go to Paul and his family for their hard work and hospitality  for another memorable event.

Boughton Youth Gatherings.  Tuesday evenings 6.30 to 8.00 p.m.

Following the impetus provided by Paul Coulten when he purchased a good quality Table Tennis table for All Saints Village Centre, he, along with Michelle Heath and I, started Table Tennis evenings for Boughton’s young people.

Then other games were generously donated.  We now can offer Table Tennis, Darts, Chess, Draughts, Monopoly, Tumble Tower (Jenga), Stratego, Swing Ball and Indoor Quoits.

We currently have a splendid group of young people attending our Tuesday evening gatherings, and we are ably assisted by some parents.

Everyone is welcome, and if anyone has young people visiting during School holidays please bring them along, they will be most welcome.

It is really wonderful to have somewhere that our young people can gather to enjoy an evening together. They do appear to enjoy themselves.

We hope to develop other interesting things for them to do, for instance the girls are going to get together to do a few things of interest to them and we look forward to seeing what this will entail!

Thank you very much to all that have donated games, and help to run the evenings.


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