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West Dereham Parish Council Meeting July 2012

August 2012




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Pam Bullas, Mr Mark Dawson, Mr Tom Foy, Ms Paula Kellingray, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mrs Pam Walker.

6 members of the public and brief guest appearance by Max theLabrador.

Papers presented to Councillors:

Clerks timesheet

Expenditure spreadsheet

Glazewing Report

  1. 1.    No Apologies for absence received.

Tom Foy presented a letter to the Council to notify members of his expected absence from Parish Council meetings between October 2012 and May 2013 as he is to be deployed toAfghanistan. Acceptance of his apology for his extended absence will be an agenda item for the August meeting of the Parish Council.

  1. 2.    Declarations of Interest:

Mark Dawson declared an interest in item 9.1.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 07/06/12 were agreed as a true record.

4. No matters raised from previous meetings

5. Reports

5.1          Chairman’s Report

  • The Parish Council has been awarded Quality Parish Council status. The scheme recognises those Parish Councils that have demonstrated their commitment to reaching standards higher than the basic legal requirement for their electors and residents. The Council portfolio has been examined by an independent panel and West Dereham Parish Council is now recognised as one of 690 Parish Councils from 9500 in the Country to be accredited with Quality Status.
  • The Chairman attended the Norfolk Association of Local Councils Summer Conference held on July 2nd. Presentations were given on Community Shops, the new Code of Conduct, Freedom of Information, communicating in a modern way and pensions and gratuities for staff. The Chairman is to compile a crib sheet for Councillors regarding Freedom of Information.
  • Consideration regarding how best to undertake a survey of the position of existing graves inWest Derehamcemetery has been partially carried out. The software company the Parish Council plans to engage to help map village assets will be asked if they will submit a quote to undertake a survey of the cemetery prior to mapping the area electronically.  The Clerk will check with other providers if this service is available at a lower cost.
  • Notice has been received regarding temporary closure of the C35 Station Roadfrom U21268 Basil Roadto C32 Hilgay Roadbecause drilling of trial holes for laboratory testing is to take place. The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 13:00hrs to 18:00hrs on July 21st 2012 and 08:00 hrs to16:00 hrs on 22nd July 2012. Notices will be posted on the Parish Council websites and the village notice boards. The Clerk will ask Norfolk County Council the purpose of the drilling exercise.

Alternative route is via: U21268 Basil road,C33 Hilgay Road,C32 Hilgay Road.

5.2               Clerk’s Report

  • Information regarding a new Community Conference Grant was passed to Councillors.
  • Both UK Power Networks and Country Grounds Maintenance have been approached to provide a date when the conifer hedge at the allotments will be trimmed. The power to the overhead cables will need to be shut off while the trees are cut butCGMhave advised that the work will not be undertaken until September as birds may be nesting in the hedge.
  • Norfolk Association of Local Councils is to run a workshop entitled “Grave Matters” for those involved with running a cemetery. Councillors were asked to let the Clerk know if they wished to be booked in for either of the two dates (July 24th at Diss or August 15th atSouth Wootton) for the workshop.

5.3               Police Report – given by Paula Kellingray

  • Police advice is that bikes need to be secured as there has been a spate of theft inWest Norfolk.
  • Thefts from cars have been reported and advice is that vehicles should be locked when left.
  • The next Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting is to be held in West Dereham Village Hall on Wednesday July 18th at 7pm. Concern regarding household rubbish , probably from parties, left in Station Road will be raised by Paula Kellingray at the meeting.
  • PCSO Jane Edwards has arranged monthly Police surgeries to be held at West Dereham Village Hall; the next surgery date is June 27th.
  • It was noted that should any residents wish to be a part of the Homewatch Scheme they should complete a form that is available from the Village Hall. If they wish to, those who were affiliated to the former Homewatch Scheme need to re-join if they have not already done so as they will not be automatically included.

5.4               Village Hall Report

  • The Village Hall Committee is awaiting an update regarding problems being experienced with the new floor in the Village Hall extension.
  • Two members of the Village Hall Committee now hold Food Hygiene Certificates.
  • It was noted Armed Forces Day was a successful day for the Village Hall.
  • Bingos held at the Village Hall are bringing in a steady income.
  • A list of events to be held at the Village Hall is distributed each month in the village leaflet drop.

5.5               Glazewing Report

  • Copies of the monthly Glazewing Report were available.
  • It was noted that a report had been made to Glazewing regarding a lorry travelling through the village at 02:30on June 20th but this incident was not recorded on the Glazewing Report.
  • The meeting was briefly suspended to allow a member of the public to contribute. Considerable amounts of food wrapping have been seen in and around the river by the Glazewing site and Glazewing will be approached regarding clearing the area.
  • Glazewing will be asked to specify what action has been taken to prevent a re-occurrence of the incident which happened on June 11th when a car inStation Road was damaged by metal falling from a Glazewing lorry.
  • A suggestion made that Glazewing vehicles could display a “Am I driving safely?” sign will be passed to Glazewing.
  • It was noted Middleton Aggregates lorries appear to be travelling fast through the village. If vehicles keep to the voluntary speed limit of 20mph along Station Road much less disturbance is caused.
  • Some discussion took place regarding the early operating hours practised by Glazewing. The company has claimed that vehicles only leave theStation Roadsite early in exceptional circumstances. However it is felt early starts are more the norm. Glazewing will be asked what time vehicles leave theStation Roadsite and how many instances there are per month of “exceptional circumstances”. The Clerk will request for a record to be kept in the monthly Glazewing Report of the number of vehicles which leave alongStation Roadbefore7ameach month.
  • Information will be sought as to how best to record vehicles alongStation Road.

5.6               Broadband Update

  • The Government has approved two companies, BT and Fujitsu, who have now been invited to tender for the contract to provide broadband forNorfolk.
  • It has been noted that in the past month there have been drops in electrical power to households in the village. These drops have been typified by lights going out and electrical appliances stopping and restarting. This can affect the synchronisation of broadband routers and dial up modems and may lead to a reduction in broadband speed. Faults should be reported each time they occur to UK Power Networks free on 0800 783 8838.

6. The following payments were agreed:

E.on Energy (street light electric)                                       £77.76

Village Hall Committee (use of hall)                                 £150.00

Country Grounds Maintenance                                        £107.90

Inland Revenue (PAYE)                                                   £195.89

Clerk Salary                                                                      £284.34

BCKLWN (annual rent for play area)                                    £5.00

Glasdon (dog waste bin)                                                   £301.96

Anglianwater (Cem.)                                                           £16.20

EFS(printing)                                                                      £12.60

6.2/6.3 It was agreed to consider item 6.2, grass cutting at the Village Hall, and item 6.3, fencing and maintenance of the hedge at the Cemetery at an extra Parish Council meeting to be held on July 16th at7.30pm. Country Grounds Maintenance (CGM) will be approached to provide a quote to trim trees along the south border of the cemetery.

It was noted that the footpath from the Village Hall to the Row has not been cut as widely as in past years (CGMwill be approached about this) and that trees are overhanging the footpath between the Village Hall and the Old School.

7.  It was agreed to accept the new Code of Conduct as adopted by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

New forms to be signed by Councillors will be provided by the Clerk for completion by Councillors by the meeting on July 16th.

8.  Correspondence

8.1 Clerks & Councils Direct Magazine

8.2 Norfolk Rural Community Council Signpost magazine.

9.  Planning

Having declared an interest Mark Dawson left the meeting for item 9.1.

9.1 Erection of 2 bay sectional timber cart lodge style building and additional storage at end and erection of a timber storage building in the rear garden at Ivy House,Bath Road, West Dereham 12/00850/F


9.2  British Sugar Plc, Wissington Sugar Factory: Amendments to planning approval C/2/2001/2030 to include alterations to conveyors and pipe racks, mix tanks, ensilement/storage area layout, engineering works and piping associated with the anaerobic digestion lagoon. Revision of digestate handling and storage buildings/layout, waste water treatment plan layout, biogas handling structures and layout and an increase in the area to accommodate the construction compound PP/C/2/2012/2003.

Because of the considerable size and late receipt of this application it will be considered by the Parish Council at the meeting to be held on July 16th.

10. No Further reports made.

No matters raised in Open Forum.

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