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Northwold Parish Council meeting - June 2012

August 2012


Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Mrs S Jackson, Mr A Collins, Mr D George.

1.    Apologies for absence:

Mr F Eglington, Mr M Peake, Miss A Muir.

2.  No Declarations of Interest made.

3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 01/05/12 were agreed as a true record.

4.  Matters raised from previous meetings.

  • Pot holes along Pinfold Lanehave been reported to Highways but so far no repairs have taken place.
  • The Parish Council is considering making arrangements for cleaning and re-carving the inscriptions on the village war memorial and a very generous offer has been made for a contribution towards the cost of this work. Quotes will be obtained and this matter will be an agenda item for the July meeting of the Parish Council. The War Memorial Trust will be approached for advice.

It was noted the railings around the war memorial were recently privately commissioned to be re-painted.

  • Some discussion took place regarding where a dog waste bin should be located along Hovells Lane. Highways will now be approached regarding permission to site the bin on the verge towards the A134 end of the lane.
  • Highways will be asked for permission to site a bench to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by the telephone box in Methwold Road. Investigation will also be undertaken regarding suitable places in the village where trees can be planted to commemorate the Jubilee. This matter will be an agenda item again for the July meeting of the Parish Council.
  • Alan Collins and the Clerk attended a seminar held to promote a project which will help films from the East Anglian Film Archives (www.eafa.org.uk) to be viewed in village locations. If lottery money is made available as is hoped a team from the project could be booked to bring a computer and projector to the village to show a collection of films relevant to the local community.

5.  Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report

  • A request has been made from Northwold Sports & Social Club for the Parish Council to meet the cost of supplying gravel for the car park area at Northwold Recreation Ground. The Sports & Social Club is attempting to refurbish the outside of the Club building and improve the car park area. It was agreed the Parish Council would support this work by contributing the cost of ten tonnes of gravel at an estimated cost of £15 per tonne.
  • Representatives of the Sports & Social Club were invited to attend a Parish Council meeting to discuss the renewal of the lease for the Sports & Social Club building and it is hoped this will take place at the July Parish Council meeting. There is a need to ensure a lease is agreed so making the Sports & Social Club legal tenants. Insurance issues need to be agreed with the Club as should any accident occur liability would need to be established.
  • Concern has been raised regarding the condition of the Cemetery following the last grass cut. The contractors have been informed and future cuts will be monitored. The areas of grass which are owned and cut by the Parish Council will be confirmed. It was questioned who is responsible for cutting the grass at Glebe Close.
  • The 5 mile per hour sign from the far side of the river along Common Drove has been removed by vandals.
  • The Chairman and Alan Collins recently undertook a tour of the NEWS recycling site at Cotessey. All household waste collected for recycling ends up at the site for sorting. It was reported that the site does not want envelopes for recycling nor the type of plastic that such items as margarine tubs are made of but plastic bottles are wanted for recycling.
  • It was reported that the road by the War Memorial is in need of some maintenance as there are dips appearing in the road where pipes have been laid.

5.2    The Clerk’s Report

  • The Clerk attended a seminar promoting Parish On Line. The Parish can purchase software to provide digital mapping of the parish to show Parish Council Assets.
  • The present contactor who maintains the street lights in the parish has gone into liquidation and further information is awaited to see how the Parish Council may be effected by this and whether a new contractor will need to be sourced.
  • The Borough Council is to hold a second “Basics of Planning Session” to include discussion regarding the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The Clerk hopes to attend on June 19th 2012.

5.3    No update from CAN

5.4  No update regarding Manor House.

6.  Agreement with Northwold Sports & Social Club for hire of the Club building

Discussed during item 5.1.


7.  The following payments were agreed:

E.on Energy (street light electric)                                     £148.46

E.on   Energy                                                                     £151.71                                       £151.71

Village Hall Committee                                                       £12.00

Clerk Salary                                                                      £126.00

CGM– grounds maintenance   x 2                                       £296.17

B Fox – Internal Auditor                                                                                      £75.00

7.1 The Annual Return form for the year ending March 31st 2012 was completed.

7.2 It was agreed to contribute a total of £55.00 towards painting of the notice board at Whittington.

7.3 Purchase of gravel for the Sports & Social Club was agreed under item 5.1.

8.   Correspondence

8.1 West Norfolk 1948 Torch Trail

8.2 West Norfolk Sports Council Annual Meeting  -June 12 2012

8.3 Notification from the Borough Council Community Safety & Neighbourhood Team of an alleged noise nuisance from noise at the bottle banks at Northwold Village Hall.

8.4 Letter received requesting that the Parish Council control the rabbit population in the Cemetery as the rabbits are causing problems for allotment holders. It was noted that the Parish Council is very limited in what can be undertaken regarding culling of the rabbits as the Cemetery is a public area.

8.5NorfolkLink etc.

9.   Planning applications received for consultation:

9.1 Removal of Condition 1 attached to planning permission reference 10/01858/CU The Oaks,Thetford Road, Northwold 12/00708/F


It was felt the condition was originally attached to restrict use of the site and thus it should not be removed.

Notices of decisions:

9.2  Conservatory to the rear of the property at11 School Lane, Northwold 12/00407/F                                                                                                                                                           Permission granted

9.3  Retrospective planning application for amended design to previously approved planning drawings for plots 1 & 2 of planning application 04/01763/CU atFerndale,West End, Northwold 12/0040/F                                                                                                                                                           Permission granted

9.4  Agricultural crop store at Watermill Farm, Little London Road, Northwold 12/00330/F

Permission granted

9.5 Notification received that a planning application to erect a new tied dwelling atGrangeFarmTouringPark, Whittington and a new shop/reception unit at Camping Site, Grange Farm, Whittington has been withdrawn.

10. Celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – considered in item 4.

11. Further reports:

11.1 The railings of the bridge across the river at Common Drove have been damaged by vandals. The Parish Council has received a quote to repair the railings but investigation needs to be undertaken to establish if the Parish Council is responsible for the bridge.

11.2 The Highway Department is to be approached regarding location of a bench by the village notice board at Whittington and this matter will be an agenda item for the July Parish Council meeting.

11.3 It was reported that bags of dog waste have been placed in the grit bin at Whittington. The provision of a dog waste bin in Whittington will be an agenda item for the July Parish Council meeting.

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