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Wereham Parish Council

June 2012


Draft Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 8****th May 2012 at 7.30pm in Wereham village hall

Present: Chairman P Norris, Cllr G Koopowitz, Cllr C Humphries, Cllr J Bruce, Cllr G Key, Cllr D Deighton, Cllr K Newell

Members of the public: 20

Declarations of interest:

Members are invited to declare personal prejudicial interests in items on the agenda. It is a requirement that declarations from a member include the nature of the interest and whether it is personal or prejudicial.

None declared.

Chairman’s update

Insurance company has confirmed that providing all employees and volunteers will be working at the sole request of and under the sole control of the Parish Council, using tools materials and equipment provided by the Parish Council that the existing public and employer’s liability sections of the policy would apply.

We would only expect employees and volunteers to be involved with the less hazardous work involved in path maintenance, grass cutting or litter collection, with the use of non-powered tools only, other than lawnmowers/grass cutting equipment and strimmers, when stout footwear should be worn and also safety goggles in case of strimmers. Cleaning materials must be not stronger than those available on shop shelves. Clerk will contact insurance company to discuss level of cover required to enable the Council to allow volunteers to use their own tools for work to be carried out if this is possible.

Anglian water has confirmed that they have no objection to the planting of a new Willow tree in the chosen location.

Cllr K Newell stated that the Council previously agreed to an ornamental willow tree, therefore the Council have now agreed to plant a Salix Caprea Perdula, this is a smaller less vigorously growing tree. Full Council were in agreement with this decision.

Cllr C Humphries has agreed to organise the planting of the tree as soon as possible.

A tree preservation order is not required at this time as the trees around the pond are in a conservation area and are therefore protected. Any maintenance required to these trees will need permission obtained from the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk.

Confirmation has been received from Bennett’s homes stating that any damage which they cause to existing grass road verges will be reinstated to their former condition.

Financial standing orders and standing orders need to be discussed and adopted by Council. All Councillors have a copy of the proposed documents to review for discussion at the next meeting.

Quotes for new salt bin for Back Lane range from £98.00 for a 90l bin, £141.05 for a 160l and £179.11 for 370l bin all prices exclude vat. Cllr P Norris will measure existing bins in nearby villages to establish the size required for Wereham. It was pointed out that more than one bin may be required and a request was made to site one in the area of the Church where the mobile post office van stops.

Mrs B Stubbins has been appointed as the internal auditor.

The Council discussed the insurance cover and quotes received. It was proposed that the Council obtain one other quote and choose the cheapest premium providing the cover is adequate and like for like to the policy presently in place. Clerk was given permission to pay this once third quote has been obtained.

Proposer: Cllr G Koopowitz

2nd: Cllr G Key

The Council discussed reviewing the burial fees. Cllr K Newell proposed that they stay the same as 2011, as Council have had to increase the precept this year.

Proposer: Cllr K Newell

2nd: Cllr C Humphries

Cllr K Newell and Cllr C Humphries will carry out a safety check/inspection of the grave stones.


Received concerns from parishioners with regards to the Old Post office and concerns over the safety of the structure. Building control officer Karl Gay from Borough Council of KLWN has inspected the building and it is not thought to be immediately dangerous, therefore no further action can be taken at this time. Although the loose roof tiles are cause for immediate concern and Mr Gay is dealing with this. Clerk has written to Maxey Grounds to request that the area at the front of the structure is cleared of weeds and kept tidy.

Information on the big jubilee lunch Sunday 3rd June 2012, a record number of people are expected to take part in street parties and community events across the UK to celebrate the Queens jubilee. For more information and what is involved in organising one go to www.thebiglunch.com or call 08458508181

The playing field – Norfolk playing field association newsletter is available to read from the clerk.

Anglian water have announced a hosepipe ban for Anglian water customers, this will take effect from Thursday 5th April 2012.

Letter received from Mr Mrs Rye with regards to tree issues and draft minutes, this was discussed with Mr Rye and the Councillors. Mr Rye confirmed that he was satisfied with the decision made of planting the Salix Caprea Perdula tree, providing that it is a small tree.

Mr Rye was concerned that not everything was recorded from the previous meeting, Cllr G Key informed public that the minutes do not record everything said but must record decisions made and actions taken.

Mr Rye also requested that the Council reply to a letter sent to the Council from Mrs Roberts, Mr & Mrs Bliss, Mr & Mrs Vout.

Planning applications

Conservatory extension at Windy Willows Cavenham Road, no objections noted by Parish Council.

Payments for approval/Resolutions

BCKLWN election costs £774.91

Hodson office supplies ink £39.80

St Margrets Church hire £12.00

Norfolk playing field association £20.00

Norfolk association of local councils £132.91

Haward horological ltd £108.00

Haward horological ltd £60.00

Two invoices for Haward due to original service and an additional visit.

Norfolk Parish training partnership £150.00

West Dereham village hall hire £30.00

Clerk wages and expenses £376.03

Insurance premium to be paid once third quote received.

Mrs B Stubbins Internal audit £50.00

Norfolk Rural Community Council £25.00

Wereham Village Hall Hire £108.00

All payments approved by Council

Propser: Cllr G Koopowitz

2nd: Cllr G Key

Matters requiring attention

Issues brought to the attention of the Council, No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Cllr K Newell will discuss Neighbourhood Planning at the next meeting of the Council.

Cllr K Newell gave thanks to Mr Pickston for painting the memorial bench

Cllr K Newell reported that the footpath alongside the playing field is overgrown with brambles Clerk will report to Highways.

Cllr K Newell has 4 wooden footpath/bridlepath signs.

A sign is required at the play area to state that the Parish Council maintain this area. Cllr GKoopowitz will give the Clerk the correct wording required and Clerk will obtain quote.

Cllr P Norris reported following heavy rainfall water lying on the footpath on the approach to Wereham/A134 pedestrian railings close to Flegg Green. This has been reported to Mr A Wallace at Norfolk County Highways who will schedule works to be carried out.

Norfolk Rural Community Council membership is due, Council agreed to continue with membership.

Proposer: Cllr G Koopowitz

2nd: Cllr J Bruce

Public comments/ question time:

No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Public requested that copies of previous months minutes and agendas be provided at the start of the meetings.

Public voiced concerns that decisions made by the Council regarding the choice of tree purchased were changed.

Public requested that the Councillors sit more openly so that the public can hear.

A Jubilee lunch is being organised by the after school club.

Public reported a tree in the post office yard which is dangerous and the post office windows are fully of dead wasps/bees. Clerk will write to the relevant parties.

Pot holes reported between Queens Close and A134, and also near the bus stop east bound towards Stoke Ferry. Clerk will again report to Highways.

The trees in the church yard are being trimmed soon by CGM.

Meeting closed 9.30pm

Signed Chairman


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