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Village Liaison Meeting Minutes

June 2012

Vion UK- Favor Parker

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill


Wednesday 18th April 2012

Present: Mrs. Daphne Clements (Parish Council)

Mrs. Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr. Edward Taylor (Parish Council)

Mr.RayThompson(Editor Village Pump)

Mr.Keith White(Vion Stoke Ferry)

Mr.Dick Jacklin(Vion Stoke Ferry)

1. Apologies

Mr.Lionel Halls

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (18th January 2012) and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting.

Mr. White stated the company had received three complaints.

4. Noise

A resident of Furlong road complained of noise on the07-3-12,9-4-12&12-4-12the issues were.

“Loud noise” No1 intake remained running when empty due to a faulty probe.

“High pitch alarm between 7.00 &10am” no alarms were activated at the time of complaint; a mineral delivery had taken place between 7.40 & 8.55.

“General humming noise” no particular item could be identified, a noise audit has subsequently taken place & the Company is awaiting the full report.

5. Odour Dust & Particulates

No complaints received.

6. Transport.

No complaints received.

7. Buildings.

Mr. White stated that offers had been received relating to the sale of the Dukes Head & Millers Arms but he was not aware of an agreement being reached.

8. Any other Business

Mrs. Holton asked if the Company had considered her request of donating the part of the Village Hall known as Wards garage to the Village Hall committee, Mr. White stated that her letter had been passed onto relevant personnel within Vion for consideration.

On behalf of the Parish Council Mrs. Clements requested the following during the Jubilee celebrations. The use of “Self’s field” for car parking, bunting on the railings in front of “The Hall” & placing the bottle bank between the Crown & the Hall, Mr. White agreed to these requests.

Mrs. Clements also relayed an offer to paint the Dukes Head, at the time of the meeting this was denied however permission is being sort through Vion’s Health & Safety & legal departments.

Mrs. Clements stated that rats had been seen at theBuckenham Driveend of the public footpath along the eastern boundary of the mill. Mr. White stated that he had previously been contacted by the Parish Council clerk & further bating stations had been placed inside the boundary fence at the area where vermin had been sighted.

Mr. Thompson asked if there had been any changes in derv specification as the lorries had a distinctive odour, Mr. White stated that no changes have been made to derv but the different odour maybe attributed to “adblue”. Vehicles which use adblue comply with new European legislation on diesel emissions.

No other business was noted.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 18th July 2012

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