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June 2012

CHARITY The “Daily’s” morning cuppa

JACKAL Another of many words meaning nothing

LAVENDER The pipe going away from the toilet

YANKEE One who is being pulled

DINOSAUR An upset restaurant patron

GRANARY Old people’s home

GRANDAD Very large advertisement

APPETITE The state of being f=very pleasantly drunk

DUCAT Small river bird

ELBOW-ROOM Where Spanish archers keep their equipment

OMEGA Something very large inIreland

DUMPLING Small council Refuse-site

CINEMA Mother who is a film goer

VERTEBRA A green materialled lady’s support garment

This month’s sporting quote from the past.

“If Shane Warne’s first ball in tests inEnglandhad only been a pork pie, Gatting would have eaten it instead of being bowled by it!”

Comment by an unacknowledged commentator

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