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Boughton news - June

June 2012


The Woodland Trust has a current project, planting 6 million trees in the UK this year, to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. In a much more modest way, Boughton has also contributed by planting 6 trees, donated by Tim and Edwina Madgwick, along the grass headland at the end of Church Lane, by kind permission of Albanwise Limited, who own the land.

There are 5 Scots Pine trees, which represent integrity and longevity, and an English Oak which is associated with strength and durability, as well as royalty.

The trees were potted up by the Madgwicks several years ago, from seedlings which grew up in their garden (Edwina couldn’t just simply throw them out), and they got to a size that demanded open space.

With tree guards donated by Albanwise, Tim and Frank (Reid) carted the trees to the spot and proudly planted them, to now hopefully grow into true specimens, and to be enjoyed by Boughton parishioners for many years to come.

Boughton Fen. Three weeks ago my stepson, dog and I walked the entire boardwalk and non boarded areas. The workmanship for this is excellent, so too the signage. At what ever part of the route, one was never out of sight of a directional marker. Well done to all those involved, it can only get better as the year wears on. Regards Bill and Diana Beeson.

Hello there from your Parish Council in Boughton.

At the AGM and regular council meetings held on 4th May we can report that Frank Reid was again elected Chairman for the next year. Councillors were pleased that Frank agreed to accept the nomination as he is a sterling Council leader and does a great deal around the village, much of it unseen. Geoff Proctor was elected Vice Chairman for the next year.

Other councillors took on duties as follows;

Tim Madgwick – Planning

David Cooper – Highways

Mark Pogmore – Fen matters

Geoff Proctor – Dykes & Ditches

Peter Agate – Signs, Noticeboards and Furniture. Publicity (pro-tem)

The Council also agreed on a series of initiatives for the coming year which will be in the minutes and which will be advertised in G4 from time to time. For a copy of the minutes see the Noticeboard and G4 on line.

The turnout at the well-publicised AGM was poor with only a handful of parishioners attending the meeting. These meetings are an opportunity for you see what your Council are doing and to influence what goes on in your village.

We were pleased to have our District Councillor and Mayor ofLynn, Colin Sampson attend the meeting also.

Please note the following for your diaries:-

Parish Council Meetings for coming year.

Friday. 10th August. 2012 7.00pm

Friday 9th. Nov. 2012 7.00pm

Friday 15th Feb 2013 7.00pm

Friday 3rd May 2013 7.00pm

If there are any matters you would like to bring to the attention of the Parish Council please contact any councillor.

Councillor Peter Agate

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