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More Alternative Dictionary definitions

May 2012

More Alternative Dictionary Definitions

MISSILE Supermarket area for young girls

GENTILE Supermarket area for men


INVESTMENT Describes a cleric dressed for a service

VALIDATE A tryst in a glen

OBEY Irish version of e-bay

WATERSHED It contains an outside water tank

CAMPANULA Yearly meeting under canvass

FIBULA A tiny lie

VELCRO A healthy German bird

PALINDROME A friend in an airport

BRACELET A couple of very small game birds

BROADCAST Female players in an American theatre production

Graham Forster

Sporting quote from the past

To some people, Geoffrey Boycott is a genius, to others not a genius. To me it is how you define the word. A genius can be a nudist with a memory for faces…..or, Geoffrey Boycott.

Eric Morecombe at the Lord’s Taverners’ dinner in the 1970’s

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