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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Annual Parish Meeting 2012

May 2012


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Annual Parish Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.15pm on Wednesday 16 May 2011

Those Attending Mrs M Leamon, Mr R Bivon, Mr T Ryves, Mrs D Clements, Mrs J Buckley-Stevens, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 9 members of the public.

Apologies Mr J Nicholas-Letch, Mr E Taylor and Borough Councillor C Sampson

Minutes of Last Meeting

Mrs Leamon proposed acceptance of the last Annual Parish Meeting Minutes seconded by Mrs Buckley-Stevens.

Matters Arising There were no matters arising.

Playing Field Report

No report had been received but a committee member stated that there was nothing to report except that no one in the village seems interested in becoming a committee member and to help run the playing fields. Mr Bivon asked who was responsible for the play equipment, he was advised it was the playing field committee but currently there were only two members, there was the possibility that the play equipment would be removed in the near future, also the fields being handed back to the Charity Commission. A query was raised as to why the donation from the parish council had been reduced, Mr Ryves informed the meeting it was because of the lack of communication particularly in response to phone calls and correspondence. It was agreed a meeting would be arranged to discuss the future of the playing fields.

Village Hall Committee Report

The Clerk read a report from the Village Hall Committee stating it was hoped that by now the new village hall would have been built and in use, but unfortunately this is not so, there is still until February 2013 for it to be built before action is taken under the S106 Agreement. Dr Clive Bond Section 106 Monitoring Officer would do everything he can to get this moving. The Hall is used most nights of the week by a variety of hirers. If the new hall is not forthcoming a great deal of money will have to be spent on the existing hall, ie new roof and new cesspit, therefore a great deal of funds will be required, and of course the continuing support of the parish council was appreciated.

Stoke Ferry Common Room

Elaine Taylor thanked the parish council for their support and gave a report on the newly formed Stoke Ferry Common Room which to date had been very successful, they now had a shed in which to keep all their equipment, now open two evening each month with numerous activities such as pool, table tennis, craft materials, nail bar, air hockey table to name but a few to keep everyone busy.

Youth Club Report

Mandy Leamon gave a report on the Youth Club for the younger children which runs once a week during term time, there are approximately 45 children attending with 6-10 helpers, plenty of activities on offer such as film nights, competitions, outside play (when not raining).

Any Other Business No matters raised

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.35pm.

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