River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to The Editor from Les Lawrence

May 2012

Dear Editor,

Once again I found your Editorial in the April Issue very much to my liking, and I share your comments regarding Ivor Hook” and like you I hope we haven’t heard the last from an excellent contributor.

Also your comments regarding our local Parish Councils strike a cord. I echo your sentiments, but I fear your requests for Pump Readers to pen their views may well fall on stony ground. However I have no problem with that, as fortunately very little in our world is compulsory. You don’t have to contribute to the Village Pump if you don’t wish to, and equally you don’t have to be a Parish Councillor if you don’t wish to.

I frequently make contributions to the Village Pump, and I’m very much aware that you, Mr. Editor, have published every one, for which I thank you. I like to think that I raise issues, which in my view, ‘the man in the street’ can identify with; whether that claim can be substantiated by some of your regular contributors may well be open to question.

Again however that is their prerogative to write what they wish, even if it doesn’t excite me very much.

Les Lawrence Methwold

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