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Wretton Parish Council - March meeting

April 2012



MONDAY 5th  MARCH 2012

Present– Cllr David Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr L Beatty, Cllr. John Reeve. 2 members of the public

1.            Apologies for Absence received from:

Cllr John Wyett

Borough Councillor Mr. C Sampson

2.            No Declarations of Interest made.

3.            The Minutes of the meeting held on 09/01/12 were agreed as a true record.

4.            Matters Arising/Chairman’s Report

  • Parish Council website

The Chairman reported that the new Parish Council website is still being compiled and Councillors were requested to supply a few lines about themselves which could be added to the website.

The domain renewal for the old web site is due at the beginning of July. It is hoped the new site will be up and running by then It is intended to put a link from the old web site to the new one.

A map has been drawn showing the location of the street lights in the parish and this will be added to the website. A suggestion was made that points of interest and local names for footpaths should be added to the map.

  • Footpath at AllSaints Place

The footpath at All Saints Place remains overgrown and Freebridge Housing has at last responded to say tenants will again be approached regarding the front hedges which have overgrown the footpath by No’s 2, 3 and 8 All Saints Place.

  • Grass cutting contract

The 2012 grounds maintenance contract was considered at the Parish Council planning meeting held on February 20th. Country Grounds Maintenance will continue to undertake grounds maintenance in the parish at a cost of £68.75 per occasion. It was agreed to enter into a three year contract (2012, 2013, 2014) with Country Grounds Maintenance at this same cost.

  • Lydia’s Lane

The footpath sign forLydia’s Lane which had been damaged by an agricultural vehicle has now disappeared. Investigation will be made to try to locate the sign and if it does not come to light the Rights of Way Officer will be contacted to request a replacement sign.

5.            Chairman’s Report

The Chairman had nothing further to report – all updates given in item 4.

Clerk’s Report

  • The Clerk and Chairman have both attempted to obtain an update from the Highway Engineer regarding Lime House Drove. However, nothing further has been heard regarding issues raised with the Drove.
  • A letter of thanks has been received from Stoke Ferry Youth Club in response to the donation given by Wretton Parish Council. It was reported that attendance at the Youth Club is growing and includes youngsters from Wretton. News from the Youth Club will be reported on the Wretton web site. It was suggested ‘headlines’ for the website could state that the Parish Council has not raised the precept for 2012 and that there are plans to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in the village.
  • A Parish Council planning meeting was held on February 20th when support was acknowledged for the following applications:
  1. Installation of a single small scale wing turbine (14.97m to hub, 5.5m diameter blades) at The Yard, Fen Drove, Wretton 12/00107/F.
  2. Two storey rear extension at Churchill Cottage,Field Lane, Wretton 12/00131/F.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

  • Seat for Green

It had been decided to site a new seat on Wretton Green where the current bench is located as part of the Jubilee celebrations. However, revised thinking is to keep the old seat and locate the new seat by the pond. The seat will be set to face across the Green looking towards the Play Area and Church. It was suggested residents living near the suggested location of the new seat should be consulted before the seat is installed. It was agreed the yucca plant near the pond should be removed before location of the seat as the spiky leaves of the plant constitute a hazard.

  • Stoke Ferry Parish Council has issued an invite to all to participate in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations planned for Stoke Ferry. Preparations are also being made for celebrations to be held in Wretton on the Sunday of the Jubilee weekend. Mrs H Wyett is said to be organising this and the Chairman asked to be kept informed. Volunteers will be sought to help.
  • Other matters relating to Wretton Green were raised including concern that the ground is being eroded beneath the football goal.
  • It was noted ivy on the Green is being cut back but it is not known who is doing this. Willows on the Green could also do with pruning and Councillors agreed to hold a site visit to consider both the location of the proposed seat and to look at maintenance of the trees on the Green.
  • It was reported that plans for renovation of All Saints Church continue to proceed slowly. An architect is presently undertaking a feasibility study and if possible internet access will be added to the development plans for the Church. It is hoped the building will become a hub for the community.

6.            Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

MHB Services x2                                                                                               £33.20

SJ Scarrott (Jan/Feb.)                                                    £109.58

IR PAYE                                                                         £42.15

SLCC subs                                                                     £24.60

NALC – training fees                                                        £7.00

CGM                                                                             £204.30

Financial position @ 29/02/12

Community Account Balance                                              £1500.23

Business Saver Account (1)                                          £686.57

Business Saver Account (2)                                                £12261.83

Business Saver Account (3)                                              £0.36

7.            Correspondence

7.1 NorfolkLink etc.

7.2 A request has been received to use Wretton Green for a tea party fund raiser in the summer.

7.3 Norfolk NRCC E-newsletter

8.            No planning applications received for consultation.

9.            Reports from Councillors/items for the next agenda

9.1 It was noted that there is no street name sign for Low Road, Wretton and delivery drivers do not know where Low Road is. The Borough Council will be asked if a name sign can be provided.

9.2 It was noted that there is a lot of rubbish lying around in the parish. The Chairman will organise a ‘Wretton Spring Clean’. A date will be advertised in due course.


No further matters raised by members of the public.

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