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Northwold parish Council - February Meeting

April 2012


Present: Mr M Peake, Mr A Collins, Mr D George, Mrs S Leet, Miss A Muir 1 member of the public

PCSO Claire Law gave a Police Update before the start of the meeting. Nothing has been reported to the Police from Northwold since the beginning of the year. However, outbuildings have been targeted in Hockwold, Methwold and Feltwell and the message from the Police is that residents should report anything suspicious to them by phoning the non-emergency number of 101.

PSCOLaw voiced concern regarding possible anti-social behaviour in the village which has been reported to her.

The next Downham Market Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meeting will be held at DownhamMarketTown Hallon April 4th. Issues to be targeted locally can be forwarded to the Police for consideration at the meeting. PCSO Law stated that she is willing to raise issues at the meeting if they are brought to her attention.

Police are now based at Downham Market again with five teams under Sgts Hemester, Rowe, Crown, Marsh and Archer.

1. Apologies for absence

Mrs R Crisp, Mrs S Bury, Mrs V Lynch, Mrs S Jackson, Mr F Eglington

As both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman were absent it was agreed that Miss Muir should act as Chairman for the meeting.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 03/01/12 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

  • As Mrs Crisp was not at the meeting to report from the Northwold Charities the matter of water for the allotments will be considered at the March meeting of the Parish Council.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report

  • Miss Muir was unexpectedly acting as Chairman for the meeting she had no report prepared.
  • Councillors have been made aware of various training sessions to be held and members were asked to inform the Clerk if they wished to attend any of the events.

5.2 The Clerk’s Report

  • Messrs Warner have cleared branches at Whittington Playing Field and will dispose of the arisings.

5.3 Community Action Northwold (CAN) Update

  • No update from CAN as no representative from the group was present at the meeting.

5.4 Manor House Update

  • It was reported that the owner of Manor House wishes to sell the house to remain as one whole property and this may mean that the Borough Council will eventually compulsory purchase the property. Concern was voiced regarding shrubbery from the property overhanging the pavement.

6. Whittington****Cemetery

Northwold Parish Council continues to research whether planning permission would be granted for change of use of part of Whittington Playing Field to create a new cemetery. The Environment Agency has informed the agent working on behalf of the Parish Council that there are no wells in the area that are likely to be affected by the proposal and therefore site investigations may not be required to determine soil structure and groundwater levels as first thought. However, a “desk survey” of the area is still to be undertaken.

The Clerk has contacted the Highway Engineer for advice regarding access to the proposed site and so far the Highway Agency has raised no concerns regarding access or egress.

7. Agreement with Northwold Sports & Social Club for hire of the Club building

Northwold Sports & Social Club has been contacted again regarding signing a new agreement for hire of the building at Northwold Playing Field. The Parish Council has been verbally informed that the Sports & Social Club will be holding itsAGMin March and this matter will be addressed at the meeting. The Parish Council will ask for discussion regarding the agreement to be an agenda item for the meeting.


It was noted that there have been two more accidents at the Methwold cross roads recently which brings the total number of accidents at this black spot to 183 since 1984.

8. The following payments were agreed:

MHB Services (street lighting maintenance)

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