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March 2012

To Wereham on a bitterly cold night in February………………..

Once again, the dynamic duo of Frank and Geoff have been at work – did you see Geoff in his green tights? This time they were closer to home than oldBaghdad, bringing us the tale of Robin of Norfolk fighting the evil Sheriff of Norwich. How much work goes into these panto productions! Wereham village hall was packed as usual, for the third of six productions. They must have been exhausted, but on one of the coldest nights of the winter the cast had only a short break before doing it yet again and then driving home in the heavily falling snow!

It was great to see the familiar faces doing unfamiliar things and I think the audience entered fully into the spirit of panto. Daisy the horse/cow/camel has really practised and the dance steps are better than anything I could do! Well done to them and I see this year that Linda progressed to a speaking part as well. Perhaps next year, Mhari…… Greg is always scary – he seems to grow on stage and become even taller than he is in real life. Frank and Geoff – words fail me. Well done to both of them for entertaining us all so well.

This year it was good to see some new performers enhancing the normal cast of stars. Barbara’s range of talents are constantly being revealed to us – I’m glad they changed the original idea of having Lady Godiva, though. The average age of the cast had come down, as well. It’s good to see so many youngsters from all the villages taking part, particularly some I remember as babies. Well done to the Jenkins boys and to Lilly Wainer, all obviously stars of the future, but there were young people from the other villages as well, including a young Jack Richardson. That was confusing! They all deserve a round of applause for taking part with such dedication. Let’s not forget the music from Tom and Sandy, and all the backroom ‘boys’ – someone has to drive those young people around to rehearsals. Last, not least, Paul the sceneshifter. A relative newcomer to our village, he and his family have really entered into things and I hope; they now feel this is their home.

And for next year………………?

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