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A second letter from Les Lawrence

March 2012

Dear Editor,

I hope you will allow me two letters in the next edition of The Village Pump, for the price of one, as they say? As most readers will be aware I am not averse to offering criticism where I feel it is due, but I also like, on occasions, to turn thither side of the coin – as it were – and to sing the praise of others.

The names of Chloe Smith and your good self Mr Editor immediately spring to mind. Modesty, of course, will prevent you from commenting but don’t let us lose sight of the fact that The Village Pump has a first class editor and long may that continue.

Reading the February edition of The Village Pump I came across a letter from Samantha Cutts, a lady I had not previously heard of. But what a wonderful job she, and others, did with regard to the Christmas lunch for people otherwise on their own. The thought immediately came to mind “helping others less fortunate than themselves”; ye God did that strike a chord?

Can this event be repeated this year? There can be only one answer; it must! And, if I, aware as indeed I am of my limited abilities, can make only a modest contribution that is indeed food for thought and action.

Also in the February edition I read of Mally reeves and her Line Dancing friends who have raised

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