River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The final episode of The Diary of Emerald Green

February 2012

Today, I went for a walk, not a run, a walk. I wanted some time to think, to view the world around me. I thought about so much; my family, my home, my friends but the most important thing I thought about was my future. I decided on three simple things

  • Achievement
  • Success
  • Happiness.

This is all I want from my life not much to ask, but hard to do. Have you ever seen The Pursuit of Happiness? It’s a sad film but in it Chris Gardener (Will Smith) says that “maybe happiness is something we can only pursue.” Of course it’s thought provoking but is it true. Who knows, it’s a similar concept to those people who say that love is merely “an illusion.” I don’t know, but I want to find out, I want to experience everything I possibly can, from, jumping out of an aeroplane to dropping the cereal all over the supermarket floor.

I want to do those little things because I believe that those little things are the most important, the most memorable, but of course you usually don’t realise that until they’re gone.

Next time you hear your best friends’ giant sneeze cherish it because it won’t be there forever. Unless she’s sneezing in your face, in which case promise her to return the favour.

Goodbye, and have a good life x

Full of love and happiness.

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