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Stoke Ferry Parish Council - February Meeting

February 2012


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting

held in The Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 8 February 2012

Those Attending: Cllr T Ryves (Chairman), Cllr Mrs J Buckley-Stevens (Vice-Chair), Cllr Mrs D Clements, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr J Nicholas-Letch, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk) 7 Members of the Public, also PCSO Jane Edwards (Local PCSO) and PC Maria Asker (Watlington Area Manager)

Apologies: Cllr R Bivon, Cllr E Taylor and Borough Councillor Colin Sampson

Police Matters:

PCSO Edwards and PC Asker were welcomed to the meeting. It was reported 10 calls had been received by the police since our last meeting, including a variety of incidences, violence, theft, anti-social behaviour, fire, highways issue etc. The two priorities from the last SNAP meeting were the Sincks in Shouldham and William Burt Centre in West Winch. PC Asker explained that she had three PCSO’s working with her and stressed that any incident should be reported, when doing so make sure a Call Number is asked for. Reports can also be made by e-mail -


- again always ask for a report number. One query was raised - the cost per call of the new 101 Police Telephone Number - this is 15p for the entire call. The next SNAP Meeting will be held on 15 February 2012 in Stoke Ferry Village Hall commencing at 7pm. PCSO Edwards and PC Asker were thanked for attending the meeting.

Minutes of the last Meeting:

Cllr Mrs M Leamon proposed acceptance of the minutes seconded by Cllr Mrs D Clements

Matters Arising:

a) Kebab/Pizza Shop Lynn Road - The Chairman asked what the current position is regarding this - the Clerk advised she had received a call from the Environmental Health Department stating that the investigation was ongoing - she will chase this up again.

b) The Common - Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised that the asbestos was still there. The Clerk advised she had received a call from Environmental Health stating they were looking into the matter - again she will chase this up.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Meeting:

The Chairman read out the notes of the meeting held on 23 January to give everyone an idea of what the Parish Council were trying to organise also asking for any ideas and maybe involvement on the day. There will be a further meeting on 20 February for more discussions to take place.

Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised the meeting a colleague of his who is a TV production engineer has offered to come to the village and produce a film of the event. It was felt this was a very good idea, something to remember for years to come. Cllr Nicholas-Letch will let the Clerk have the gentleman’s details.

Councillors Responsibilities for Jubilee Event:

Some tasks had been allocated to councillors, unfortunately some are now not able to be present at the event therefore some task will have to be reallocated, this will be done at the meeting on 20 February.

Possibility of School Drama Event:

The Chairman wondered if a small drama event by the children would be an idea for the event, Cllr Mrs Leamon advised that the school do not have drama lessons so this would not be possible.

Special Grant for Historic Year:

The Clerk advised the meeting that there was a Special Grant for the Historic Year for which there was the possibility of being granted

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