War Memorial Gary Trouton

Samantha Coutts writes to The Editor

February 2012

Hi Ray

Christmas lunch went really went. Received great feedback. Provided christmas lunch to approx 50 villagers, (10 home deliveries) and also a small gift.

It was a great atmosphere, nice to see people who would have been alone on christmas day enjoying each others company. Everyone was extremely grateful and some even asked to book for next year!

Would like to express a huge thank you to everyone who made a donation towards the day. I have chosen not to name them as some requested that i did not, but they know who they are and again i am extremely grateful that their generousity.

I would also like to thank the volunteers, members of this community, whom without their help this event would not have been possible.

Not sure if I shall be able to commit to next year as I have alot of personal & work commitments over the forthcoming months, but wouldnt it be great if the community would come together and maybe organise the event as joint venture



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