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Cyril Marsters writes to The Editor

February 2012

Dear Ray,

In your January Editorial you said: "Viewing the range of local Parish Council minutes it is becoming clear that there seems to be a noticeable conflict between the various factions in each village". You conclude that: "...more time is spent arguing amongst the councillors than in working for the village".

I have gone back over a number of months of P.C. minutes and cannot find anything giving grounds for these assertions, which appear to me as an unjustified slight on people who give up their time to work for their village.

At times, obviously, differences of opinion arise which require discussion and debate. My impression is that our P Cs manage pretty well to come to democratic decisions on such matters, with presumably those holding differing views able to accept majority decisions with good grace.

I am left rather wondering whether your remarks have been unduly influenced by a vocal minority who are unable to accept views other than their own, rather than an unbiased assessment of the situation.

Cyril Marsters

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