Boughton Church Window Gary Trouton

Christmas in Boughton

February 2012

There was the usual flurry of activity in Boughton over Christmas. As it was only the second Christmas that I’ve spent in Boughton, in spite of living here for twenty-two years, I’m still pleasantly surprised at how active it is over the festive season. Many thanks to all who contributed to decorating the church in time for the Carol Service and special thanks to Frank and Geoff, who provided and erected the Christmas tree in the church. (By now, they’ve probably disposed of it as well! We appreciate them very much, particularly in the middle of the busy run-up to the pantomime.) It was a pity that so few people from the village were able to attend the service, possibly because it was midweek and at a fairly early time. Perhaps next year we’ll go for a later evening slot, but with so many events the weekend is a little difficult to arrange. On the Friday after that, Frank and company entertained the children after a brief nativity play, andSandyarranged mulled wine for those of a slightly more mature vintage.

The crib service was a revelation. I had no idea so many people could be packed into Boughton church. I was standing at the back behind people who were much taller than me and I could hear the door constantly opening to let still more people in. It was good that so many people wanted to come to our church and hear the Christmas message in an amusing and interactive way – and to see the donkey, who was gorgeous. Thanks to Pippa and the Ryes for arranging the service as usual.

We had about twenty-five people in church on Christmas Day itself and there was a warm and friendly atmosphere. People commented later on how much they had enjoyed the service.

Many thanks to all in the congregation and village who contributed to the Christmas fellowship in the village. I appreciate the help that is given by so many.


Clean up after your dog!

I walk my dogs round the village, clutching several black plastic bags. You may notice that I do a circular walk and leave them to be picked up when I’m on the homeward stretch. Unfortunately I have noticed recently that not everyone is being as careful. Someone is not cleaning up after their dog, alongMill Hill Roadand even round the pond. Please carry a plastic bag and take it home with you. If you are near the church, use the church bin if you want to, but don’t leave it to spoil the village.


Forthcoming events

On Saturday March 3rd, Allan Hale will be giving a slide presentation and talk about Boughton Fen. This is in aid ofBoughtonChurch and in conjunction with the Fen Committee. He has a beautiful selection of pictures and a wealth of knowledge, so please come along and find out about the wonderful natural asset which the village possesses within walking distance. Watch the notice board and next month’s magazine for further details, but book the date as well. If you want to make sure of getting a ticket, as I’m sure it will be a sell-out, contact me on 500429. Now that the re-ordering of the church is almost complete, we need to raise money for the restoration and repair of the East Window.

I’m in the process of arranging another interesting occasion for later in the year, when I hope a speaker from the Norfolk Archives will come along and talk about the history of Boughton. Watch this space!!


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