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West Dereham Heritage Group

December 2011

The Group held it’s Annual General Meeting on the 17th of November at St. Andrews Church.

The Agenda was proceeded with at a brisk pace with apologise for absence, a number of members were unable to attend, through to the minutes of theAGM2010 with Matters arising.

The Treasurer reported a small surplus for the year and spending of the Lottery Grant had started with the fitting of the Heritage Room cabinets, Projector and Screen for the Village Hall, Sound Recording Equipment, and Binding Tools & Accessories.

The Chairman, Jack Walker expressed his thanks to all the Groups Officers for their contributions throughout the past year. He was very pleased with the way the Group continued to progress not only as organisation committed to recording village history but as a social gathering as well.

Election of Officers was proposed and seconded en bloc as there were no nominations at this time. A new office was proposed, that of Researcher, Paddy Murfitt has already done so much work collecting field names it was felt his services would be invaluable to other areas as well particularly when it came to Mapping.

The Officers elected were:- Chairman- Jack Walker, Secretary- Pam Walker,

Treasurer- Ruth Marsters, Archivists- Pam Bullas, Webmaster- Janet Gough,

Researcher- Paddy Murfitt, Media & Reporting- Richard French.

After a great deal of discussion it was decided by a majority to increase the Annual Subscription to

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