War Memorial Gary Trouton

The Diary of Emerald Green - January

December 2011

The after Christmas buzz, the time of the January sales, forget Christmas that’s more important!

I’m in my last year at high school now, and as soon as New Year hits, that will be it, not much time till my exams. I cannot wait to leave these little children that bang into you in the hallway without an apology, that scream and giggle at lunch times, I’m fed up with that and would like to begin my journey into adulthood. Mind you most adults are just as immature, but when they do it (act immature) it’s so much more fun.

Sitting here, debating where to go for my run, you would be surprised to hear it but I still run in the winter, even though it’s cold, even though it’s icy, and slippy, I still trek out every day to go for a bit of a run. You may think by the sound of that that I’m really fit, but then when you take into account the amount of unhealthy food I pour down my throat, it’s not surprising I have to go running every day.

There’s down by the river, there’s up by the old wreck, there near my grans house, hm….. I think I’ll go down by the river, I like it there, it’s peaceful. That is where I will go. In my NEW running trainers, did I forget to mention? Yes, they were only

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