River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Riverwatch Poem

December 2011

The River Kingdom

The passage of time and rivers flow by

Forever beneath an endless sky

Seasons bring new then take again

We cannot change – its all in vain.

The secret of life is to enjoy it all

So many wonders both big and small

Out there is vast but also free

Providing a bounty for us to see.

The waters run deep and forever flow

Providing the means for all to grow

Thus Mother Nature provides a home

For some to swim and others to roam.

Wildfowl float and also in flight

Always a joy - what a beautiful sight

A mix of ducks and swans and more

Make up a glory you cannot ignore.

The fish in the deeps are seldom seen

But ripples and splashes show where they've been

In thick weeds a predator lays lurking

The pike for food is always searching

Creatures hide but then reappear

And with good fortune the favourite red deer

Together we share this special place

All we need is less rush and haste.

Dusk and night comes with new folk

Even a badger with stripes bespoke

Owls glide and circle dressed in white

Beautiful to see but mice take fright.

The wind and the rain can often distract

But it can't take away all that is fact

Outside is rich with so many things

The glory of God and all that it brings.

Many folk ignore or just don't see

About us the joys of what can be

So remember to look and also behold

See for yourself instead of be told.

By Ivor Hook

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