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Martin's Wedding from Anne Brown

December 2011

I went to a wedding in a Disco Bus....

Nothing is ever dull in my life...Martin, my son, and Maya invited me to their wedding..in Dallas.

Just a 10 hour flight from Heathrow and I was met by my son, who said “you are not tired are you Mum?” as we are going to a bar to meet all our friends....this meeting lasted till the early hours, when the bridesmaids said, they must go to a store to buy flowers to make the bouquets, for the wedding; later that day. Every one else retired to their hotel rooms for a very few hours sleep.

After a 7.30 breakfast, for those who could face it, the Texas size stretch limo arrived to take the bride to a Japanese Garden..Her attendants would do her hair on the way there.

A blacked out Disco bus awaited the rest of the guests and the groom (her parents drove in their own car) When I entered what a surprise !! It was the size of a small truck, a big comfy bench around three sides, behind which there was a shelf with drinks and coolers. At one end a green light flashed out patterns, and at the other a red one provided different shapes. Pop music blared from speakers, while lights in the floor changed colour, to light up the central pole (for dancing) .When people sat on the shelf, and danced closely on the floor it held about 40. All this whilst travelling at 50 mph. to the Japanese Gardens.

After 45 mins we arrived at the gardens, great autumn colours, and waited for the bride to change into her dress, in a shed, provided for the purpose. The bouquets and corsages had been made, no buttonholes for the men. One lady wore a hat and one man a Stetson. The bridesmaids wore their own clothes, all entirely different. The bride in her white, multi petticoated dress looked great. At 11am on 11-11-11 they said their vows, few people could hear as we were all spread about the gardens. I provided British confetti (rice paper) which the children ate from the grass before it had to be swept up. The photographer was reprimanded for stepping on the grass to get his full length shots.

Then back into that bus, to return to the hotel,drinking champagne all the way.

A vegetarian meal..I only remember the delicious cream cakes at the end, followed by pieces of a three tiered chocolate wedding cake, iced in brown and green. There was dancing and more photos.

Then we changed into jeans and check shirts to get on that bus to 'Billy Bobs' bar in the Fort Worth Stockyards. A buffet meal and more drinking...Everyone, except me, had to show ID to prove they were over 21 (most were in their 40's). It was a big place..rooms full of slot machines, hot dog stalls and a ring where people tried to ride a very cross live bull for a minute. Texas atmosphere! Pole dancing on the way back to hotel and bed by 1am.

Two days later I flew off to Hawai'i with them on honeymoon, but this is another story.

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