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West Dereham parish Council Meeting October 2011

November 2011




Present: Mrs Claire Cann – Chairman, Mrs Pam Bullas, Mr Mark Dawson, Ms Paula Kellingray, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mrs Pam Walker. 14 members of the public

Papers presented to Councillors: Clerks timesheet, expenditure spreadsheet, Engagement Strategy, ACRE Briefing: Neighbourhood Plan and the Localism Bill, presentation notes from Borough Council LDF briefing session.

Mr Mark Potter, Norfolk County Council Minerals and Waste Planning Enforcement Officer was in attendance prior to the start of the Parish Council meeting to answer questions relating to the recent planning applications submitted by Glazewing (items 8.1 and 8.2 of the minutes dated 01/09/11) . Mark Potter began by giving a brief planning history of theGlazewing Station Roadsite. The recycling centre began as a scrap yard which because the site was able to claim a Certificate of Lawful Use was granted planning permission. Planning permission was extended in 1993 allowing the site to expand.

Norfolk County Council monitor activities at theStation Roadsite by undertaking unplanned visits and as a result of these visits Glazewing was invited to submit planning applications to regulate activities which are already being undertaken at the site. Glazewing will not be doing anything different from what has been undertaken for some time already but the present applications will allocate recycling activities to stipulated zones at the site. The site is also regulated by the Waste Management Licence granted by the Environment Agency.

Norfolk County Council considers theStation Roadsite to be suitable for its present use but more control is needed and therefore the application has been requested for zoning the site into areas for metal, plastic, cardboard etc.

A second application is for regularisation of the building used for depollution of the end of life vehicles. This building is also being used for storing cardboard and plastics and the application is for use of a baling plant in the building. The applicant claims this application will not result in any further vehicle movement to or from the site.

Much general discussion took place regarding the applications and the Chairman noted that the Parish Council does not feel it is given enough time to respond to planning applications made by Glazewing as they are often complicated documents which need to be studied.

The Parish Council has objected to the present applications due to concern regarding vehicle movements.

Norfolk County Council has not insisted on a new access road to theGlazewing Station Roadsite as it is not envisaged that vehicle movement will increase as a result of the applications recently submitted. Highways claim thatStation Roadis suitable for its current use.

The Parish Council do not agree there will be no resultant increase in traffic and it was requested that Norfolk County Council ask Glazewing to supply figures relating to vehicle movement so any increase can be monitored. It is felt by the Parish Council and residents ofWest Derehamthat these current applications will result in expansion of the Glazewing site as if the baling process increases efficiency then it is likely more “raw material” will be entering the site.

Concern was raised that material is stored at the Railway Yard inStation Roadwhich is over a main water course. This location is regulated by the Traffic Commissioner and operates without planning permission. The site is monitored by the Environment Agency and this concern regarding contamination will be passed to Anna Pearce who is the Environment Agency Officer who deals with the site.

Mark Potter has requested that Glazewing should start early morning runs from their site at Setchey to alleviate disturbance to West Dereham. The Chairman stated that this was suggested at the meting held on April 1st with Glazewing and Elizabeth Truss MP. It was reported that the gates of theStation Road site are opened at6am and Mr Potter will investigate this claim.

CountyCouncillorRichard Rockcliffe has requested that the current applications are passed to Norfolk County Council Planning Committee so members can decide whether permission should be granted.

Mark Potter also gave an update regarding the planning application submitted by Frimstone regarding the removal of a planning condition to allow unrestricted vehicle repairs at Ashcroft Farm, Crimplesham. Norfolk County Council does not control this site and the application is being considered by the Borough Council.

It was reported that the workshop is operating as late as 23.45. Mark Potter suggested this should be reported to the Borough Council as the operating hours of the site can be restricted.

Comment was made that retrospective applications to vary conditions set on planning permissions seem to be accepted. Mark Potter explained that Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act can allow conditions to be varied if it is claimed that the conditions are hampering business. However, the Borough Council (or County Council) should still protect the local amenities.

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Police Safer Neighbourhood Team

2. Declarations of Interest made:

Mrs Claire Cann, Mrs Pam Bullas, Ms Paula Kellingray, Mrs Ruth Marsters and Mrs Pam Walker are all members of West Dereham Village Hall Committee and therefore all declared a personal interest in item 6.4.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on01/09/11were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

  • A position for the Broadband monopole mast has been agreed in the grounds of West Dereham Village Hall. It is expected that further information regarding the provision of Broadband forWest Derehamwill be available in mid-October.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman’s Report:

Councillor vacancy

Due to the resignation of Mr Paddy Murfitt there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. This has been advertised and as no request to hold an election has been made the Parish Council will endeavour to fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as possible. Co-option will be an agenda item for the November Parish Council meeting. The Parish Council will also need to elect a Vice-Chairman and complete a new bank mandate.

Mr Paddy Murfitt will be thanked for his work as a much valued member of West Dereham Parish Council. His knowledge, experience and considerable contribution will be greatly missed.

Local Development Framework

The Chairman attended a LDF public exhibition session run by the Borough Council atDownhamMarketTown Hall. The LDF will be considered in item 11.

Police Surgeries

Apologies have been received from PCSO Sara Wilson as no further local Police Surgeries are to be held this year. The surgery due to be held atWest Derehamat the end of September was cancelled.

It was agreed a letter should be sent to the Chief Constable complaining of the lack of Police surgeries in the parish and surrounding areas.

It was also noted no Home Watch reports are presently received but on a positive note Ms Kellingray has offered to hold regular monthly homewatch surgeries in the Village Hall once it has re-opened.

Remembrance Day Lunch

A Remembrance Day Lunch is being planned in the new village hall for November 13th and it was agreed the Parish Council would meet any shortfall in costs for provision of the lunch. The Parish Council will as usual, provide the Remembrance Day wreath for the village and the Royal British Legion wreath will be purchased privately.

5.2 Clerk’s Report

  • Apologies were received from the Safer Neighbourhood Team who were scheduled to be elsewhere.

Since August 17th2011 Station Road, West Dereham has been a priority area for the Watlington SNT regarding reports of anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance. There have been daily/nightly patrols and warning letters have been sent to those felt to be responsible for anti-social behaviour. Since the letters have been sent out the Police have only received one call regarding anti-social behaviour (reports of motorbikes) from the area.

5.3 Village Hall Report:

  • As the Broadband monopole is to be located in the grounds of the Village Hall a Broadband Wi-Fi connection will be supplied to the Village Hall at no cost.
  • Open Days to view the hall refurbishment are to be held on October 15/16th at the Village Hall. The Hall will not however be available for hire until a later date as the kitchen and heating still needs to be installed.
  • The village Hall has been successful in acquiring a free pack of shrubs from the Woodland Trust. The ground needs to be prepared and volunteers will be needed for planting after November 14th.

5.4 Glazewing Report:

  • Councillors will be passed a copy of the monthly Glazewing Report which will also be displayed in the village notice boards.
  • A request will be made to Glazewing to issue their Report on the first working day of the month prior to the Parish Council meeting and for the report to relate to the immediately preceding month. Currently the reports feature matters from almost two months previously.

5.4 Broadband Update:

  • Noted in item 5.3 that the monopole should be erected in the grounds of West Dereham Village Hall by the end of October 2011. Equipment will need to be purchased by those who wish to make use of the Broadband connection available from the pole.

6. Accounts

Financial position update:

The Parish Council current account bank balance stood at

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