River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Northwold & Whittington Parish Council Meeting

November 2011



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mr D George, Mr M Peake, Mrs S Bury, Mrs S Jackson, Mr A Collins, Mr F Eglington, Miss A Muir


4 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence

Mrs V Lynch

2. Declarations of Interest:

Mrs S Jackson declared an interest in matters relating to Whittington Churchyard/Cemetery.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 06/09/11 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

  • It was noted that drainage work has been undertaken atSchool Lanebut a large hole in the road has still not been filled. This will be reported to Highways.
  • It was reported that rabbits are prevalent at the Playing Field and lots of holes are being dug.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report

  • Some discussion took place regarding the practise of charging double fees for a grave space to someone who is not a resident of the parish at the time of death but who has lived in the parish for the majority of their life. It was agreed the Parish Council will maintain the practise of discretion and will consider individual circumstances should an application to relax the fees be made. It was agreed to consider Cemetery prices and rules at a future meeting.
  • It has been reported that effluent has been seeping from a drain in Common Drove, Northwold. This will be reported to the Environment Agency.
  • Following receipt of the Annual Play Equipment Inspection it was decided to remove the chains and seats from swings at the Playing Field due to wear. Replacements will be ordered. It was noted that money is held in the village for maintenance of the play equipment.

5.2 The Clerk’s Report

  • The Highway Rangers are to visit the village on November 7th 2011. Councillors were asked to pass suggestions for jobs the Highways Rangers could be asked to undertake to the Clerk.
  • Two further enquiries have been made by residents keen to take on an allotment. Half of the one vacant garden allotment has recently been rented and approaches will be made to the two new applicants regarding sharing of the remaining half plot.
  • Following a request made at last months Parish Council meeting for clarification of whether domestic septic tanks should be registered with the Environment Agency the clerk has been informed this is not compulsory at the present time. The Environment Agency and the Government are undertaking a joint review on the requirement to register small domestic discharges inEngland. While this review is underway there is not a requirement to register small domestic sewerage discharges or septic tanks. Householders can however register if they wish via the Environment Agency website.

5.3 Community Action Northwold Update

  • A meeting is to be held at Northwold Sports & Social Club on September 10th to consider whether CAN should continue with the project to open a village shop in Northwold.
  • CAN is investigating holding a mobile skate park event atMethwoldHigh School.
  • A volunteer has offered to design and paint the back board of the notice board at Whittington.
  • CAN is to look at how to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in the New Year.

5.4 Manor House Update

  • The Borough Council has agreed to pursue with a compulsory purchase order for Manor House. It is estimated the process may take up to a year and it is possible the property will be purchased by English Heritage.

6. Whittington Cemetery

  • The Parish Council has written to two landowners in Whittington who have been previously contacted by the Parochial Church Council regarding the possibility of selling land to create a cemetery at Whittington. No responses have yet been received and it was agreed the Parish Council will proceed to seek planning permission for change of use of part of Whittington Playing Field to use as a cemetery.

As the change of use would mean loss of part of a playing field which is against policy in the emerging Local Development Framework a planning consultant has been approached to undertake a pre-planning assessment. SportsEngland, the Environment Agency and the Borough Council will be approached before the application is submitted to gauge whether the change of use would be accepted. A scale plan will be produced indicating an area to the edge of Whittington Playing Field which the Parish Council would be willing to see used as a Cemetery. It was estimated and accepted that it will cost

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