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Northwold Parish Council Meeting September 2011

November 2011



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mr D George, Mrs V Lynch, Mr M Peake, Mrs S Bury, Mrs S Jackson, Mr A Collins. 4 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence Mr F Eglington, Miss A Muir

2. Declarations of Interest: Mrs S Jackson declared an interest in matters relating to Whittington Churchyard/Cemetery.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 02/08/11 were agreed as a true record.

4. No Matters Arising from previous meetings

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report

  • Three members of the Parish Council and the Clerk attended a meeting at Northwold Sports & Social Club on September 5th. The Sports and Social Club has funds to pay present bills but there is no money coming in to allow the Club to continue further unless enough support can be gleaned from the village. All households in the village are to be informed of the situation and a meeting to discuss the future of the Club will be held on September 20th.
  • Mr. R Fendick, tenant of the Old Chalk Pit, will be asked to lock the gate of the Chalk Pit to stop unauthorised entry.
  • Mr E Dack was thanked to erecting cork onto the new village notice boards.
  • The Parish Council has again received complaints that brambles are overhanging footpaths in the High Street. Bushes at Manor House are also overhanging the roadway. Mr. M Peake offered to inform the owner of the Manor House of this complaint.
  • Drains inSchool Laneneed clearing out.
  • It was noted that grassed areas in the Parish that were in need of mowing have recently been cut by the Borough Council.
  • A complaint has been received that bottles are being deposited in the bottle bank by the village hall late at night and this is disturbing neighbours. Concern has also been raised with the location of the bottle bank as it is thought its current position creates a hazard with people parking to use the bottle bank, especially at school collection time. This will be brought to the attention of the Village Hall Trustees.

5.2 The Clerk’s Report

  • The report from the Annual Inspection of the play equipment located at Northwold Playing Field has been received. Mr. D George offered to look at the report to assess what maintenance work may be needed on the equipment. There is money held from the original play equipment fund to be put towards maintenance of the equipment.
  • Highway Engineer Andy Wallace has visited the parish recently to consider the request from Community Action Northwold for advertising boards to be located along the A134.
  • The Highway Rangers have been asked to clear the footway to the bus shelter in Whittington.

5.3 Community Action Northwold Update

  • Members of CAN have visited Ryburgh Village Shop and Mr Purdy from Ryburgh will attend the meeting to be held at Northwold Sports & Social Club on September 10th which has been called to consider whether CAN should continue with the project to open a village shop in Northwold.

5.4 Manor House Update

  • The Borough Council Planning Enforcement Team is proceeding with a compulsory purchase order for Manor House. A site meeting to be held at the property on September 7th will assess what progress has been made by the owner to empty the premises.

6. Whittington****Cemetery

  • It was agreed that the Parish Council would write to landowners in Whittington who have been previously contacted by the Parochial Church Council regarding the possibility of selling land to create a cemetery at Whittington. If negative responses are received the Parish Council will proceed to seek planning permission for change of use of part of Whittington Playing Field to use as a cemetery.

7. Agreement with Northwold Sports & Social Club for hire of the Club building

As noted in the Chairman’s Report the Sports & Social Club is in desperate need of support and assistance from the village if it is continue to run. As a last resort a public meeting is to be held on September 20th. No-one wants the Club to close but the Club needs to be financially viable. CAN has offered to research the possibility that the Club could apply for grant funding.

8. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Consideration will be given to how the Parish Council may help celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Village groups will be approached for suggestions as to what could be organised.


  • Mr A Jenkinson had previously been asked to research the cost of a second-hand roller for use at Northwold Playing Field. It is hoped rolling the field, together with reseeding the grass, will help to eradicate the chaffer bugs which are causing loss of grass at the Playing Field. Mr Jenkinson will purchase a roller for the Parish Council if one can be found for less than
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