River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor

November 2011

Dear Editor,

Something tells me I need to sharpen up my writing skills, or something. In the September Issue of the Village Pump I went banging on about debating local issues. You, Mr. Editor, even added a rider to my letter, and I quote, “So come on Pump Readers put your two pennyworth in”.

Well that really did put the cat amount the pigeons! The result was, well how can I put it, a resounding nil, nothing, not a dickybird in response. How well I remember the good old days when some readers disagreed with me. I even appeared to upset some of them, but not any more, I’m just ignored.

Never, it would seem, has my popularity reached such an all time low. Thank goodness the days when I needed to make contact with the ever delectable Miss Jones have long gone. I’m sure rejection would have been staring me in the face; the humiliation would have been unbearable.

To make matters worse it was only recently that a very dear friend of mine, the other one had gone off to Sheringham on holiday with a wife and dog, his dog but someone else’s wife, anyway my dear friend informed me that he had known me for some twenty one years, and what good had that done him. In addition he concluded with the lowest of low punches that in his view I was boring.

And yet it was only the other day when I shook hands with a lovely young lady, she commented, “God your hands are cold” to which I responded, “Just call me Les”.

Les Lawrence


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