River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Emerald Fights a Bully

November 2011

Today was an interesting day, I feel empowered by what I’ve done. Let me tell you about it. I was walking along the corridor today at school, I saw something horrible, a boy younger than me quivering in the corner whilst older boys called him names and emptied his lunch onto the floor. I shouted at them I said “hey” they all turned, I said “go pick on someone your own size” looking back it was a very cliché thing for me to say, but, it was the first thing that came into my head. And it would have worked to if one of the boys (the ring leader) didn’t approach me and say “how about we pick on you then.” At first I was stuck by the courage this boy must have then it occurred to me that he doesn’t have courage in fact he has a lack of it as he was picking on such a helpless little boy. I said to him and his followers “try it” and at this point they stared at each other blankly as they has no intention of picking on a girl my age. “yep, just as I thought you are as much of a coward as you look, bullying little boys, It’s SHAMEFUL!” Just as I was saying these words the head of the school came up behind me and congratulated me on standing up for the boy, and then this is the best part, she gave the bullies detention after school for two whole weeks.

I was proud of myself. People outside of school don’t seem to be able to understand how horrible some kids can be, granted not all, but the bullies when they bully they are totally and disgustingly mean. After talking to the little boy for some time I realised how such a sweet and kind boy can be crushed by these overpowering bullies, it’s not fair.

For now, I’ve helped that boy and I’ve told him to come to anything he needs help, I think I might reward myself with a nice run around the field, hm.. maybe two.

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