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October 2011

BUFFER More light brown in colour

CLASSIC School form down with a bug

OZONE Region inIreland

FINALLY Friend inHelsinki

PURPOSE Noisy cat

PORPOISE Unwell cat

JUGULAR Pertaining to Katie Price

BRANDY One poorer than Brand D

CRUDITY Sea shanty

SILICON Stupid prisoner

CRUSTACEAN Bread from Indian subcontinent

CUSTOM To swear at the cat

NIGHTJAR Cup of cocoa

KICKSTART Way of deterring predatory “ladies” in a redlight district

Graham Forster

This month’s Sporting quote from the past

To describe his anger as volcanic is plainly inadequate. He makes Gordon Ramsey sound like the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Quote in the Independent in 2004 on Grahame Souness

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