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Wretton Parish Council Minutes July 2011

September 2011



Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr M Peake, Cllr A Peake, Cllr J Wyett

5 members of the public

No Apologies for Absence receivedIt was noted that Borough Councillor Colin Sampson may be unable to attend many future Parish Council meetings for the year due to his position as Mayor.
Declarations of Interest made:Cllr. Llewellyn declared an interest in item 9.
3. The Minutes of the meeting held on09/05/11were agreed as a true record. 
4. Co-option of new CouncillorsIt was agreed to co-opt Mr John Reeve and Miss Lydia Beatty as members of Wretton Parish Council. Acceptance of Office and Financial Interest forms were duly completed and signed.
5. Matters arising from previous minutesIt was agreed a strong letter of complaint should be sent to Freebridge Housing regarding the lack of maintenance to the footpath at AllSaints Place.
It was decided action points should be noted on the minutes of the meetings to be circulated to Councillors.
Further posts have been erected on Wretton Green to discourage vehicles from parking on the grass.
5.1 Lime House Drove
Correspondence with the new Highway Technician for the area has confirmed the area at the entrance to Lime House Drove which is the responsibility of the Highway Department. Positive action to rectify the drainage problem in this location is needed. Cllr. Mick Peake offered to investigate this matter further now the Highways responsibility has been acknowledged.
The meeting was briefly suspended to allow a member of the public to report that the refuse lorry is refusing to traverse Lime House Drove due to overhanging trees knocking the vehicles machinery. The owner of the trees will be approached regarding trimming the trees.
Clerk to send letter
Cllr. M Peake to investigate
Clerk to contact owner of trees
6. ReportsChairman’s Report
An e-mail from Mr Tony Box regarding the proposed new Parish Council web site had previously been copied to Councillors. The Chairman has also spoken to a second provider with the intention of maintaining the present Parish Council domain name. Options for the future Parish Council website were discussed. It was noted it is possible to establish a free website through Norfolk County Council.
The Chairman did receive an expensive quote some time ago from the company he has now been in contact with again and development cost of the website could now be incorporated in with a deal the Chairman is considering. The Chairman offered to carry the cost of the website for the first twelve months after which time there could be a charge incurred of around
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