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Les Lawrence writes to the Editor

September 2011

Dear Ray,

Re: FPPG. It doesn’t appear to be just the Feltwell Surgery who have this Group, Heacham invite patients to their meetings, Feltwell doesn’t appear to do so. I get the impression these PPG’s are fairly common, that being so why hasn’t Boughton got one?

You say in your Editorial that you were unaware that a number of Stoke Ferry, etc, residents appear to have opted to use Feltwell, what’s wrong with Boughton? Then Stoke Ferry Parish Council wants to set up a web site when as you say there already is one, has everyone gone mad?

Re: West Dereham Parish Council Minutes, in September Pump and decision on double headstones. Why am I interested in this? My family has been at logger heads with Methwold Parish Council for over a year over a situation atMethwoldCemeterynot too dissimilar to that experienced by Pamela Simone. AtWest Derehamthis dispute reaches theEDP, Village petition got up; legal action is threatened by Pamela’s father. At Methwold my family has contacted MP’s, Solicitors, you name it, but no progress. What does all of this tell you about our local Parish Councils? There doesn’t appear to be much liaison between the Electorate and Councillors, both groups live in the same village, but I bet neither group meet socially. A good example is our Borough Councillors: Mike Peake, Adrian Lawrence, and Martin Storey. I haven’t seen Mike for years and I have never seen Martin Storey once in my entire life.

I would liked to have sent you something for the Pump re West Dereham Cemetery and Methwold Cemetery but I am under orders from some members of my family to “leave it to them until a solution has been reached”

Les Lawrence

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