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Incinerator Update September

September 2011

The planning consultation produced in excess of 2,500 objections; many were well researched. Objections include those from 64 Parish Councils and several government agencies. On 5th December a Judge in the High Court will consider whether Norfolk County Council should be subject to a Judicial Review. If the Judicial Review is successful the County Council could be ordered to comply with both local government law and their own constitution. To help fund the Judicial Review and focus County Councillors' minds, bumper stickers have been produced. They refer to February's referendum and say "We said NO, Norfolk County Council Don't Ignore Us". They are available from the Lynn News office, Purfleet Street, King’s Lynn. To make it easy to donate money for the legal case both the KLWIN and Farmers Campaign web sites now have a button for making donations online. If you can help by making a donation by cheque please make it payable to ” KLWIN “ and send it to Michael de Whalley (address at the bottom of this email)

We also have other initiatives in the pipeline that will help stop the incinerator, and are confident that we will ultimately be successful.

Holding the County Council to account by paper or online petition

John Martin has exercised his constitutional right to try and hold Councillors to account. He needs 5,000 people to sign a County Council petition forcing a debate on the matter. He is well on the way to achieving the necessary signatures, if people continue to sign up either online or by filling in a paper form. The paper forms are available from the Lynn News office. The easiest way to find the petition online is via the banner headline at www.farmerscampaign.org

It takes just a couple of minutes to copy and submit a Permit objection – CLOSES 16th SEPT

There are 6 permit objections ready for anyone to submit to the EnvironmentAgency–it’s simply a case of copy and paste, add your name and address, then email it – job done!! http://www.farmerscampaign.org/17th/index.html

Stop the Incinerator Coffee morning

A chance for people to meet, swap notes and help raise some extra pennies too – activities for kids! Sat 15th Oct 10:00 till 12:00at Fairgreen Farms, Hill Road, Fair Green (just down the road from the Gate pub in Middleton), PE32 1RN. Link to location map: http://www.blueberrypicking.co.uk/locationmap.html If you have ideas how to raise funding please come along and talk about them.

Can you donate prizes for a fundraising raffle?

Petition to Tax Incineration

It is about time incineration was taxed fairly, it would remove the artificial incentive/subsidy for building them. The Government e-petition and other useful links can be easily found at www.ncctrash.com

Did You Know?

Environmental management consultant Richard Burton has calculated the additional mileage needed to transportNorfolk’s waste to the far West of the County. HGVs will need to travel an additional

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