River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Well done to the Village Yard Sale

August 2011

Janet pays tribute to the efforts of Mally reeves and team for the very successful Yard sale

Dear Editor

May I through the Village Pump pay tribute to Mally Reeve who organised the village 'Yard Sale'. I was away last year and could not take part but everyone I spoke to said what a good day it was, well this year I made sure I didn't have anything arranged, and what a great day we had. There was time to chat and catch up with everyone, a truly good atmosphere. Unfortunately I was not very well prepared and didn't get a chance to go around the rest of the village, but next year (yes Mally put me down please) I shall get together with others so that we all get a chance to have a wander. So THANK YOU Mally for all the time and effort you put into organising the day and be assured that everyone I have spoken to enjoyed themselves.

Janet Stocking

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