River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Diary of Emerald Green

August 2011

April gives us another glimpse of her personal diary

Hm... The beach. It so beautiful, for those who haven't been in a while, let me tell you how it was for me. The sun was falling or as some say it was setting, the moment when you say goodbye to the day and welcome the night. We were able to watch the sun set lying on the beach. And when I say we I mean; me, my mum, my dad, my sister and the boyfriend.

The sky was an orange and red sort of colour, I could feel a gentle breeze on my skin, I could hear the sea and it's calming waves, it was one of those moments were everything is balanced and just then I couldn't imagine and didn't want to imagine being anywhere else.

Myself and the boyfriend have been together for a couple of months now, it's not just a relationship, he has become my best friend-or one of them. I love those sorts of relationships and it makes me imagine one of those old couples that have been together most of their lives and yet they are still so madly in love. This image isn't based on my grandparents; however, it is based on those people you see around when you're out and about. I want to be like that not old, but happily married, of course things don't always work out how they want them to, do they?

Enough of the future thinking I'll leave that well to the future . The beach made me realise something, there is so much beauty around us that we don't always acknowledge, it's made me want to see it all.

I'm going for a run now, but promise me something, next time you go outside, take a look around and it will make you see how beautiful our world is, in it's own way, beauty is not always obvious.

April Lister

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