River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Rum Ole Nearmes

August 2011

Moost counties hev nearmes searm as Norfolk What never sound quite loike they spell So, because I’m a trew Norfolk dumpling I fare ter know some onnem well

Now, why should Wymnondham be Windum? And Happisburgh’s Haisboro, yew see, And Haut-bois …… well, thass known as Hobbies. They reckon thass French – dunt arsk me!

Theres Bylaugh what lay close to Dereham, Called Belaw, at least so they say, And Garboldisham – well jist leave out the middle Then Garbleshaam’s the trew Norfolk way.

There’s Colney, well, thass know as Coney, An’ Costessey thass Cossey fer sure. Hindolveston is well know as Hilderstun, But please dunt arsk me what fur!

The old folk at Wiveton say Wiffen, An’ the neartives of Cley will say Clay While Glandford’s referred to as Glanfer, Thass talkin’ the trew Norfolk way.

The Norfolk for Salthouse is Saltus, An’ Morston – just leave out the ‘T’. While Stody is allus called Study, That dew seem a rum un ter me.

There’s Stiffkey what locals call Stukey An’ their cockles are called Stukey Blews Thow, o’ course, the village med headlines When the parson wuz well in the news.

The list ent complete I assure yew, But these few are a proof jist ter show Thass roight trew what the rhyme say o’ Norfolk We allus dew diffrunt yer know!

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