River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Project Kenya

August 2011

Methwold High School, along with four other Norfolk High Schools, has been involved in Project since 2006. Our students have embarked on a project to support very poor young children in primary schools in the deprived Jericho area of Nairobi, having learned that most children there have only the maize and beans provided by the government at school lunchtimes. In supporting this project our aims are to: • To give these deprived young children the chance of a decent education that will allow them choices in life that will help to lift them out of poverty • To restore their buildings and provide them with decent resources to support them and their teachers. They are taught and tested in English but they have no books in English. Most have no exercise books or pens or pencils either. • To visit Kenya with Methwold students each year and show that we can lift our heads and look beyond the confines of our own lives. To show that we can share what we have, especially with others far less fortunate than us. The money raised through fundraising activities provides ‘Porridge for Pupils’ in the primary schools and also sponsors a student throughout his education at the Starehe Boys Centre in Nairobi, to cover his fees, accommodation and food. The students have set themselves a target of raising

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