River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Northwold Parish Council

August 2011



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mrs V Lynch, Mr M Peake, Miss A Muir, Mrs S Bury, Mr F Eglington.

6 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence: Mr D George.

2. No Declarations of Interest were made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 11/05/11 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

Two members of the public present at the meeting had volunteered to serve as members of the Parish Council and it was agreed to move co-option of new councillors to earlier on the agenda - from item 6 to item 4.1.

4.1 Mrs Sylvia Jackson was co-opted to Northwold Parish Council as a representative of Whittington Ward and Mr Alan Collins was co-opted as a Councillor for Northwold Ward. Both completed their Declaration of Office and Financial Interest Forms.

* It was noted that the new notice board for Whittington has not yet been erected but it is hoped it may be in place in the near future.

* Enquiries are to be made to the Borough Council regarding a satellite dish located on a dwelling opposite the Church. The dish may not have planning permission which would be needed as it is located in the village conservation area.

* It was reported that a water meter on the verge along Methwold Road may have been broken when the grass was cut. This will be reported to Highways.

* Thanks were voiced to Mr George for repairing the Parish Council notice boards.

* The Chairman has received a roll of "Clean up after your dog" signs from the Borough Council. These will be placed around the village.

* No response has been received from Northwold Sports & Social Club following a request from the Parish Council for a copy of the Club's accounts as presented at the 2011 Sports & Social Club Annual General Meeting.

* Comment has been made regarding the lack of grounds maintenance undertaken on the roundabout at Whittington. Enquiries will be made to Highways as to when grass cutting will take place on the roundabout.

* It was agreed training for Councillors will be arranged possibly in conjunction will neighbouring Councils.

* A notice board has been erected by the A134 advertising Northwold Carnival.

4.2 The meeting was briefly suspended to allow Mr Adrian Jenkinson to advise the Parish Council regarding possible treatment of the chafer bugs that are causing deterioration of the grass at Northwold Playing Field. Mr Jenkinson has been quoted a price of £1500 for chemicals to treat the bugs. It was suggested the Parish Council would need to employ the use of a fertiliser spreader to administer the treatment and this type of treatment would need to be undertaken as soon as possible. It was agreed the Clerk should enquire again about other possible treatments and the cost involved.

4.3 Enquiries have been made regarding trimming of the trees in the Old Cemetery at Northwold and at Whittington Playing Field with respect to the safety of the trees. It was agreed to accept the quotation of £350.00 to undertake work to prune trees in both locations. A visual inspection of the trees has now been undertaken and it has been deemed that no trees at the Old Cemetery or Whittington Playing Field present any obvious hazards at this time.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

* The Chairman welcomed new Councillors.

* The Parish Council has received complaints that horses are fouling the village streets. Horse riders will be asked to be considerate to other road users.

* It was agreed "No Dogs Permitted" signs should be erected at the entrances to Northwold Playing Field.

* Mr D George is booked to attend the play equipment inspection course to be run by Norfolk Rural Community Council on July 19th 2011.

* The Chairman reported the following Northwold Charities accounts for 2010:

Northwold Norman Almshouses Charity

Opening balance £13503.50

Closing balance £17702.86

Money has been put aside to provide new pipes to the Almshouses.

Northwold Combined Charity

Opening balance £731.87

Closing balance £-2119.31

The Charity administers dole money at Christmas and the balance will be restored once rent from the Charity's land has been received.

Northwold Edmund Atmere Charity

Opening balance £781.56

Closing balance £1389.08

Money is invested through a COIF account and grants are paid to those in need at Christmas.

Mrs S Bury, as secretary of Community Action Northwold (CAN), was asked to give an update of the groups activities:

CAN is researching the possibility of establishing a community shop in Northwold as this has been deemed to be the number one priority which villagers would like the group to consider. Mrs Bury and Mrs Sharron Freemantle are to attend a course regarding setting up a community shop. Following their attendance a public meeting is planned to gauge support for a shop in the village.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* Grant Greetham, Deliveries Manger for Royal Mail has visited the parish to consider reinstatement of the post boxes at Little London and Didlington. Following his visit he has informed the Clerk the boxes will not be replaced. Royal Mail believe there to be an adequate number of post boxes in the area and members of the public have the right to pass mail for delivery directly to a postman. The Parish Council is not happy with this decision and this will be stressed to Royal Mail and Elizabeth Truss MP. Members of the public will be provided with an address to contact Royal Mail should they wish to protest that the post boxes are not to be reinstated.

5.3 Manor House Update - no further report

5.4 A134 Crossroads Update - no further report


* The roadside hedge at the end of Cross Lane, opposite number 25, is overgrown. If a contact address for the owners can be identified they will be approached with a request to trim back the hedge.

* Allotment holders have requested use of the tap at Northwold Cemetery to provide water for the allotments. This is a matter for the Trustees of the Charity who manage the allotments. Northwold Parish Council does not own the allotments where water is requested and therefore cannot allow water at the Cemetery to be used without an agreement in place regarding usage and payment of the water. This matter will be discussed at a future Parish Council meeting. It was suggested the Allotment Charity should consider obtaining a cost for installation of a stand pipe at the allotments.

6. Co-option of new councillors

Moved to item 4.1.

7. The following payments were agreed:

MHB Services (street lighting maintenance) £51.20

E.on Energy (street light electric) £150.34

Village Hall Committee £10.00

Cast in Style (dog sign) £20.05

Broker Network (insurance) £2108.53

BCKLWN (emptying dog waste bins) £70.51

Clerk Salary £130.50

7.1 2010/11 Accounts

The accounts for the year ending March 31st 2011 were accepted as presented. The Annual Return Form was duly agreed and signed by the Chairman. Copies of the form, income and expenditure figures and the bank reconciliation had previously been issued to Councillors.

7.2 Cemetery Fees

It was agreed that the fees for Northwold Cemetery set for parishioners should remain as they are at present:

Rights of Burial single grave £80.00

Vault £250.00

Siting of headstone £30.00

Internment of ashes £30.00

Some discussion took place regarding fees for those requesting burial but not living in the parish. It was agreed the present practice of charging double fees for non-parishioners should remain. The Council has the discretion to waive this double fee if a request is submitted in writing.

8. Correspondence

8.1 NRCC Signpost magazine

8.2 Community Emergency Plan template and guidance - www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/communityresilience

8.3 Norfolk Playing Field Association AGM 18/07/11

8.4 West Norfolk Sports Council Annual meeting

8.4 Proposed Incinerator - Saddlebow, King's Lynn. A letter has been received from Nick Daubney, Leader of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council suggesting that the Parish Council could write to Caroline Spellman MP, to advise her of the views of the Parish Council regarding the incinerator. It was agreed the Parish Council should write stating objections to the incinerator and suggesting that other methods of waste disposal should be considered.

9. Planning

Mr. M Peake took no part in discussion relating to agenda item 9.

9.1 Installation of a PV Solar array onto the existing school house roof at Northwold Primary School IP26 5NB 11/00789/F Support

9.2 Erection of a store in the north west corner of the site to store charcoal products at Big K Charcoal Merchants Ltd, Whittington Hill, Whittington PE33 9TE 11/00760/F


9.3 Change of use of former outbuilding to live/work unit at keepers Cottage, 5 Little London Road, Northwold IP26 5NQ 11/00667/F


9.4 Demolition and reconstruction of single storey rear extension and alterations to elevations at 2 Little London Lane, Northwold IP26 5NH 11/00907/F


9.5 Erection of a slurry store at The Piggeries, Methwold Road, Whittington P3EE 9TH 11/00611/F


Notice of Decision

Permission is granted for the variation of planning permission 08/01374/F at 62 West End, Northwold IP26 5LG 11/00627/F

Permission is granted for expansion to an existing free range unit (Phase 2) and retention of altered access and farm track at Chalkpit Field, Thetford Road, Northwold 10/02168/F

Permission is granted for an agricultural building at The Barns, Whittington Hill PE33 9TE 11/00507/F

10. Further reports/items for the next agenda

10.1 Whittington Churchyard will be an agenda item for the July Parish Council meeting

10.2 The Sports & Social Club will be contacted again regarding the agreement to be signed with the Parish Council and this will be an agenda item again for the July Parish Council meeting.

Parish Clerk

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