River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to The Editor

August 2011

Peter responds to the letter from Les Lawrence in lst month's Pump about the attractiveness of politicians

Dear Ray,

Les Lawrence's breach filling note in the last edition of The Pump, did indeed stir the thought processes a little. Les Re-posed the question regarding the attractiveness of any of Our / Rest of World politicians. Indeed a vexing question, for surely not many of them have much else left to offer the voters after the rounds of scandals and intrigues that seem to be an integral part of modern politics.

Whilst some might make the back pages of the more 'down market' magazines, I wonder how many would rate a column inch in any more erudite publication? I am getting the feeling that the low esteem that politicians are universally held in, has recently taken a further dive from an already impossibly low position.

Many years ago, a quite 'street wise' boss I had said...'simple just ask yourself this, would you employ him/her and would you trust them with your own money? Mmmm...Do I hear the cries of NO WAY echo across the Norfolk landscape???


Peter Bodle

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