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Incinerator update

August 2011

The planning consultation has produced significant objections, now it is the Environment Agency's turn to ask for permitting objections up until 16th September. Few trust Norfolk County Council to make an objective planning decision, many have requested for the Secretary of State to decide it. Those promoting incineration have claimed regulations are 'strict' however, the developer's own figures suggest otherwise.

If the project were allowed to go ahead it would be permitted to discharge more than 21 tonnes of toxic metals including arsenic, mercury and cadmium over King's West Norfolk during its lifetime. This is in addition to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Co2 and oxides of nitrogen. As a major polluter it requires an 85 meter stack to discharge over a wider area. If pollution was not an issue the stack could be as short as the power station's. The developer has now confirmed only a few pollutants would be monitored constantly despite promotional material suggesting otherwise. Heavy metals and dioxins would go unmonitored more than 99% of the time. Peer reviewed studies show this minimal approach to monitoring underestimates dioxin emissions between 5 and 50 times. If we don't burn it what else can we do? To learn more about the alternatives and access peer reviewed health studies please visit www.farmerscampaign.org

Guidance how to submit a permitting objection will also be available. (Please use browser refresh button to display updates)

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