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West Dereham PC Minutes

July 2011




Present: - Paddy Murfitt - Vice-Chairman, Mr Mark Dawson, Mrs Pam Bullas, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mrs Pam Walker.

1 member of the public

Papers presented to Councillors: Minutes from planning meeting held on 20/05/11, Clerks timesheet, Glazewing report.

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Mrs Claire Cann, Ms P Kellingray

2. Declarations of Interest:

As residents of the Row, Mr Paddy Murfitt and Mrs Pam Bullas acknowledged an interest in planning application 11/00174/F (considered at the planning meeting held on 20/05/11).

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10/05/11 were agreed as a true record. The minutes of the planning meeting held on 20/05/11 were also agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

4.1 Comment was made of the announcement that a bid by Norfolk County Council to bring superfast broadband to Norfolk has paid off as the Government has agreed to match the County Council's £15 million investment. However, nothing further has been heard regarding plans to bring broadband to West Dereham. It was stressed that residents should register on line that they live in a 'not spot' or 'slow spot'. Mr Mark Dawson offered to compile a note to be distributed in the monthly village leaflet drop advising residents how to do this. All that is needed is to enter your postcode and land line telephone number at www.thinkbroadband.co.uk. The offer will be made for residents to receive assistance with registration at the July Parish Council meeting.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman's Report:

With the Chairman away no Chairman's report was given.

5.2 Clerk's Report:

* A request was made by the Clerk, and accepted, to change the set date of the Parish Council meeting in October 2011 from Thursday October 6th to Wednesday October 5th.

* Borough Council Neighbourhood Officer Sue Payne has recently become involved with incidents of anti-social behaviour at West Dereham Playing Field. The Police and Freebridge Housing's Anti-Social Behaviour Officer are also involved. Ms Payne has offered to meet with members of the Parish Council to discuss the possibility of providing activities in the parish for youngsters which might help to alleviate anti-social behaviour. A date will be set.

* The Highway Rangers were due to visit the parish recently and enquiries will be made as to what work was undertaken by them. Posts in Station Road have not been replaced as requested.

5.3 Village Hall Report:

Building work at the Village Hall has slowed down due to the need to move electrical cables before the roof can be finished. The three phase electrical supply at the hall is to be removed and a new meter will be fitted.

It was noted that the Parish Council is paying for mowing of grass at the rear of the Village Hall which is not taking place at the moment due to the building work. The area is not to be re-grassed therefore the grass cutting contractors will be asked to cut Blacksmiths Corner in the village instead. The area behind the Hall is to be part patio, part gravelled. Country Grounds Maintenance is to donate slabs for the patio and Frimstone is to donate £1000 of material.

5.4 Broadband Update:

Report under item 4.

5.5 Glazewing Report:

Copies of the Glazewing Reports for April were given to those attending the meeting. Neither Simon nor Jonathan Miles is able to attend the July Parish Council meeting but they have offered to be present at the August meeting.

Following numerous requests for figures Glazewing has informed the Parish Council that the company has been a local employer for over 20 years with currently 10 employees residing within the village of West Dereham, which is equal to 2.27% of the parish population. The company is said to actively encourage and seek local employees where possible with 43.6% of the workforce living within a 6 mile radius of the site and 98% within 20 miles.

The Parish Council has been made aware of a complaint made to Glazewing by a local resident regarding damage to a vehicle exhaust caused by the unevenness of the road. A report of a metal bar that fell from a Glazewing vehicle narrowly missing a car has also been passed to the Parish Council. It was suggested the second incident should be reported to the Police.

The meeting was briefly suspended to allow members of the public to contribute to the meeting:

* It was reported that reversing bleepers fitted to Glazewing vehicles are too loud. VOSA will be approached regarding what control can be enforced regarding bleepers.

5.6 Planning meeting held on 20/05/11

Copies of the minutes of the meeting had previously been passed to Councillors and are filed. The Council has registered concern with the Borough Council regarding planning application 11/00695/F, at Orchard House, The Row, West Dereham. The Council feels the design of the development is acceptable but the location is not and a precedent could be set for a second line of buildings at the Row if this development is permitted.

The Parish Council is against the Planning applications recently submitted for time extensions for work at the northern site of the Frimstone quarry at Crimplesham. Norfolk County Council has been made aware of the concerns and a request has also been made for a copy of the planting schedule relating to the bunding at the southern site as there is feeling that the current planting is inadequate.

6. Accounts

Financial position update:

The Parish Council current account bank balance stood at £12684.65 on May 19th with the reserve figure being £1611.25.

6.1 Payments agreed in accordance with the budget:

Clerk's salary (April) £346.75

Land Registry £10.00

Methwold High School (copying) £33.25

CGM £119.30

Vision ICT Ltd. (website hosting) £138.00

6.2 The accounts for the year ending 31/03/11 were accepted and the Annual Return Form was completed.

7. Training Policy

Councillors were presented with a copy of the Norfolk Association of Local Councils model Training Policy. It was agreed whole councillor training should be booked to be held in West Dereham Village Hall in the autumn.

8. West Dereham Allotments

8.1 It was agreed plot 1 should be left to grass over and be used as a car park. This will result in future grass cutting costs.

8.2 Debate took place regarding pruning of the Leylandi hedge which overhangs the allotments putting plot 1 in shade. It was originally hoped that the Borough Council could help with this matter under the high hedge legislation but as the hedge is not overhanging private land the legislation does not apply.

It was decided to investigate the cost of cutting the hedge and to ask the tenant of the allotment field whether arisings from the hedge could be burnt on the allotment field at an appropriate time in the farming calendar.

8.3 It was agreed to obtain a price for cutting footpath No. 19 from Brooks Lane to the first set of gates at the allotments. The first part of the path is already maintained.

8.4 The cost of supplying water to the allotments will be investigated.

8.5 The post and wire fence and the gates at the allotments need maintenance. It was decided that Councillors will undertake a village walk to assess what maintenance work may be needed around the village so a programme of works can be compiled. Dates were set for June 9th at 7pm and June 18th at 9.00am.

9. West Dereham Cemetery

Ownership of the Cemetery needs to be registered with Land Registry and further research needs to be undertaken to establish when the land for the cemetery was purchased. It is believed an area of land reserved for future extension of the Cemetery is rented and consideration will be given to taking this area of land back under Parish Council control. It has been suggested the Cemetery should be extended with borders of trees and possibly meadow grass.

10. Village Assets/liabilities maintenance

Considered under item 8.5.

11. Correspondence

11.1 Norfolk Rural Community Council Signpost magazine

11.2 West Norfolk Sports Council Annual Meeting

11.3 Norfolk Link Extra - copies given to Councillors

12. Planning applications received for consideration

Planning applications received were discussed at the meeting held on 20/05/11.

13. Further Reports/items for the next agenda

13.1 Mr Mark Dawson suggested the village should compile a parish plan.

13.2 West Dereham Cemetery will be an agenda item again at the July Parish Council meeting.

13.3 The Safer Neighbourhood Team are to hold a Police Surgery in West Dereham on September 28th 2011.


* Concern was raised regarding difficulty traversing the footpath from Chestnut Cottage.

* The footpath board from Station Road is currently in a resident's garage and it needs to be reinstated. It was suggested the board should be concreted in.

* It was reported that the Police have had occasion to visit the village recently. The Police presence is thought to be associated with a gang of youths who are possibly responsible for loud music late at night and other anti-social behaviour.

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