River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Diary of Emerald Green

July 2011

Emerald tells her about changes occuring in her life

Things have been so busy in year ten, and the worst thing is that in year eleven things are going to be so much busier. The sad thing is that this week I haven't had much time to go running and when I have had time, all my mind could concentrate on was upcoming exams. Anyway other than that, there is a lot going on.

Where do I start, My father has been offered a new job, he's told me what it's about. It is prop design at a film company previously my dad worked in fiance and it's a big leap however he is rather talented in art, that's where I like to think that's where I get it from.

I got quite good masks in my last exam, I got a B I'm quite satisfied with that. I can't write much more, I have to revise for maths, on Tuesday.

Wish me luck, Write Soon x

April Lister

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