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The Continuing Saga of the proposed Incinerator for King's Lynn

July 2011

An update on the on-going debate from the famers against the Incinerator

DEFRA withhold incinerator funding and Norfolk County Council are facing legal action

So many voted NO in the incinerator referendum the result could not be ignored. DEFRA had little choice but to withhold funding to avoid facing a Judicial Review themselves. DEFRA's action does not mean the incinerator is already defeated but it is significant. NCC now have a choice, they can continue playing political games or set an example by listening to the community they are supposed to be serving. Months ago NCC's leader challenged us to come up with incinerator alternatives, when we did these were ignored. Now is the time for NCC to appoint new officers and a leader prepared to look at the acceptable alternatives and to stop pretending the only choice is to burn or bury our waste. 100% recycling of our waste is impossible, or is it? For more information on viable alternatives click on the link http://www.farmerscampaign.org/pages/pages/alternatives.html

The County Council's procurement decision is now subject to a legal challenge intiated by campaigners. There is practical cooperation between the anti-incineration campaign and Borough Council, we are united in opposition to the County Council's incinerator proposal. At the moment campaigners are in the best positon to challenge the procurement decision, with the Borough Council taking complimentary action over other parts of the process. There is an urgent need to push ahead with the current legal action unfortunately it is not cheap and the the Borough Council cannot simply hand money over to fund 3rd party legal action. If you care about West Norfolk I urge everyone to please make a contribution to the cost and support the action. If cheques are made payable to KLWIN they can be sent to Michael De Whalley, The Cottage, 5 Chequers Road, Grimston, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1AJ.

A planning application for the incinerator is expected to be lodged with NCC, it is important that a large number of good quality objections are submitted at the right time. It is expected there will be some guidance available on the Farmers Campaign and KLWIN web sites in time to help you prepare an effective objection letter.

Please follow the link http://norfolk.jdi-consult.net/majordevelopments/newuser.php and register your details, remember to tick the box showing you are interest in the "Power & Recycling Centre" this should ensure your opinion is asked for if and when the time comes.

Please forward this email to at least 10 other people, if everyone makes a contribution to the fighting fund we will be in a very strong position to stop the incinerator.

It looks increasingly likely we will stop this unnecessary proposal, it's important we keep up the preasure


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Mike Knights BSc

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