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Les Lawrence writes to the Editor

July 2011

Les steps into the breach with a letter about the profiles of our local politicians

Dear Editor,

Reading my Village Pump, yes I still read it even though I am no longer a regular contributor, I often think of all those Pump readers, and I'm sure there were many, (how do I know? well alright let's say two or three) who enjoyed reading what I called my masterpieces.

So reading the June Issue I noted Mr. Editor that you hadn't received a single reader's letter, well I just had to pick up my pen and come to your aid. After all, what are friends for?

The question then arose, what should I write about that will excite all of those Pump readers? The answer came when I was reading one of our national newspapers. There was a two page spread of photographs of some of the world's most glamorous Lady Politicians, such as Sarah Palin USA, Kate Ellis Australia, Mara Carfagna Italy, and Angela Gereku Greece, who apparently once posed topless. I'm sorry Mr. Editor but I must pause for a glass of water.

Anyway it appears that a poll is underway to find the most glamorous British Politician. Well of course my money immediately went on none other than the lovely Chloe Smith previously of Stoke Ferry but now resident in a far away place called Norwich.

All of this made me think of our local Lady Councillors, who I ask myself would emerge the fairest of them all if a poll was ever undertaken here in our part of the world? A challenging question if ever there was one, and one that I can't answer.

My mind is still on this Lady Politician who posed topless; just what is this world of ours coming to? I just don't know, but let's hope I'm still around when it does!


Les Lawrence

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