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West Dereham Parish Council

June 2011



Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Pam Bullus, Mr Mark Dawson, Ms Paula Kellingray, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr Paddy Murfitt, Mrs Pam Walker; 4 members of the public

Councillors were presented with a folder containing the following:

Results of the election, principles of the code of conduct, flow chart for declaring interests at meetings, Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Clerk's job description and contract, 2011 bank reconciliation and notes on the budgeting process, list of Parish Council assets and liabilities, cemetery rules and fees, allotment agreement, notes on the Quality Parish Scheme.

Councillors were also given a copy of part 1 and 2 of the Annual Return, the Clerks timesheet and paperwork relating to planning applications for the Frimstone site at Crimplesham.

1. Election of Chairman

Claire Cann was proposed and seconded and with no further nominations was elected to remain as Chairman.

2. The Chairman signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

3. No Apologies for Absence received.

4. No Declarations of Interests made.

It was noted that Pam Bullus lives in Station Road so she would have an interest in any matters relating to Glazewing and two Councillors live in the Row and would thus have an interest should any planning application for property in the Row be discussed as anticipated.

5. New Councillors signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

6. Election of Vice-Chairman

Paddy Murfitt was proposed and seconded and with no further nominations was elected as Vice-Chairman.

7. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 07/04/11 were agreed as a true record.

8. Matters arising from previous meetings

8.1 Report of Annual Allotment Inspection held 09/04/11

Paddy Murfitt and Ruth Marsters met Richard French, Allotment Liaison Officer at the Allotments. The allotments which are being cultivated are kept in good order but there are untendered plots at present. All plots are paid for until the end of the year but not all will be cultivated as tenants have vacated them. The Parish Council may need to arrange for the vacated plots to be tendered. It was suggested notices should be posted advertising that allotments are available.

Plot 1 is felt to be untenable due to the height of the adjacent leylandi hedge. The Parish Council will consider maintaining this area as a car park for allotment holders although this will incur an additional cost for cutting the grass. This will be an agenda item for the June Parish Council meeting. The June Parish Council agenda will also feature discussion of whether to trim back the leylandi hedge which overshadows the allotments.

It was noted rabbit proof fencing has been erected by allotment holders.

Part of the footpath that runs adjacent to the roadside hedge has been mowed but it was suggested the Parish Council should organise for the remainder of the path to be cut. The post and wire fence separating the path from the allotments needs some maintenance and the allotments gates would benefit from repainting.

Whether to supply water at the allotments has been debated in the past and this matter will be considered again.

In summary the following matters will be agenda items for the June Parish Council meeting:

a) Whether plot 1 should be left to grass over and be used as a car park

b) Whether to arrange for the leylandi hedge, which overlooks plot 1, to be cut back

c) Mowing of the footpath

d) Supply of water

e) Maintenance of the post and wire fence

f) Repainting of the gates.

It was also noted other fences around the parish which the Parish Council is responsible for may also need maintenance work. Specifications of what is needed will be compiled. The Parish Council has increased the precept in recent years and reserve money held allows an ongoing maintenance programme to be considered.

9. Reports:

9.1 Chairman's Report:

* PCSO Sara Green contacted the Chairman to give apologies for not attending the meeting.

* The Chairman and Clerk recently met with Sarita Presland who is Norfolk Association of Local Councils Quality contact to discuss the possibility of West Dereham Parish Council obtaining Quality Parish Council status. It is felt the Council would be taken more seriously if accredited. The scheme demonstrates the Councils ability to deliver efficient services and to speak with greater authority to principal councils.

* The Council already meets a lot of the criteria needed to obtain quality status and whether to move forward with this will be considered at the June Parish Council meeting.

9.2 Clerk's Report:

* The Highway Rangers are to visit the parish in the near future and Councillors were asked to let the Clerk know of any highway work the rangers could undertake. It was suggested posts outside The Hollies, Station Road and Abbey View, Station Road need replacing. The tarmac path between the Village Hall and the Old School has grass growing over it which needs removing to allow easier passage for pushchairs and wheelchairs. The path is presently less than half its original width. It will also be suggested that the Rangers could replace the missing footpath finger post signs.

* It was noted that comment has been made by parishioners regarding the poor state of the Station Road phone box. The phone box is the property of BT and is therefore not a Parish Council liability.

9.3 Broadband Update:

No update has been received since March either from Andy Ambridge, ICT Services, or County Councillor Richard Rockcliffe regarding the provision of Broadband in West Dereham. The news at that time was that a test mast had been established at Hilgay and the signal to West Dereham was in the process of being tested.

Some discussion took place as to what Broadband provision might be possible through BT and it was suggested that it might help if parishioners registered on line as living in a "not spot" or "slow spot". Mark Dawson offered to compose a letter to be sent to Norfolk County Council regarding the problems being experienced with Broadband provision in West Dereham. It was agreed a letter should be sent to the Chief Executive of Norfolk County Council in light of the recent non-communication from Andy Ambridge and Richard Rockliffe.

9.4 Glazewing Report:

* Copies of the Glazewing Report for March were given to those attending the meeting.

* Representatives from Glazewing will be invited to attend the July Parish Council meeting.

* Notes from the meeting chaired by Elizabeth Truss held on April 1st will be delivered to households in the village along with the report from the Annual Parish meeting.

* Information has been requested (but not supplied) from Glazewing regarding the number of employees who have an address in West Dereham. A letter requesting this information again will be sent.

10. Accounts

Financial position update:

Councillors were provided with the 2011 end of year bank reconciliation and a financial statement for the year ending 31/03/11. The accounts have been considered by the appointed internal auditor and will be agreed at the June Parish Council meeting.

10.1 Payments agreed in accordance with the budget:

Clerk's salary (April) £243.05

CGM £119.30

B Fox (internal audit) £45.00

Broker Network (insurance) £372.58

C Cann (stationary) £18.00

NRCC subs £15.00

Environment Agency (drainage rates) £15.57

10.1 It was agreed to approve and accept the year end balance sheet and complete the Annual Return at the June Parish Council meeting.

11. Times of future Parish Council meetings:

It was agreed that meetings of the Parish Council should continue to start at 7.30pm.

12. Future plans for the possible expansion of West Dereham Cemetery:

It is understood that West Dereham Parish Council owns the strip of land adjacent to the road that continues down from the cemetery to Bath Road. The cemetery to be extended as the need arises. However, there seems a lack of documentary evidence of ownership of the strip of land and enquiries will be made with Land Registry. It is believed that rent was being paid by a tenant for use of this land but it is unclear what agreement is in place and when payment was last made. Further investigation will be undertaken and this matter will be an agenda item again for the June meeting of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council may consider extension of the Cemetery now to enhance the visual aspect of the area.

13. Update on Minerals and Waste proposals - MIN 114:

A query arose at a previous Parish Council meeting regarding an amendment made to the Norfolk Minerals and Waste Development Framework Core Strategy Document and whether the amendment relates to site MIN 114. A map highlighting the area which the amendment relates to has been sent by Norfolk County Council but it is still unclear if the area identified is site MIN 114. Norfolk County Council will be approached for clarification.

14. Update on Frimstone company changes and planning permissions:

The Parish Council is concerned with several issues at Frimstones Crimplesham sites at present:

a. The first concern is with seemingly inadequate screening of the new mineral extraction site located to the south which leaves the area as an eyesore. Norfolk County Council is monitoring the establishment of the site and Frimstone is said to be complying with conditions set in the planning permission for the new site. Hedging is being planted in front of the bunding to form a screen but this work has been delayed due to archaeologists working on site.

b. The Borough Council was asked to investigate happenings at the Frimstone workshop with regard to whether planning regulations relating to the workshop were being breeched. It appears some of the workshop workload is outside Frimstone. Norfolk County Council has been asked to investigate this further but it is claimed as permission for the workshop was granted by the Borough Council it should be the Borough Council who monitor the site.

c. The following planning applications have been submitted and the Parish Council has been invited to submit observations

Crimplesham Quarry, Main Road (North Side), Crimplesham: Variation of condition 1 of planning permission C/2/2001/2019 to allow engineering operation to reclaim the site for agricultural use with the aid of imported inert material to continue until 31 December 2014: Grid Ref: 566233303931

Crimplesham Quarry, Main Road (North Side), Crimplesham: Variation of condition 1 of planning permission C/2/1997/2002 relating to determination of conditions to which minerals permission DM3049 is subject to, to enable approved operations to continue until 31 December 2014: Grid Ref: 566235303930

Crimplesham Quarry, Main Road (North Side), Crimplesham: Variation of condition 1 of planning permission C/2/1996/2029 to enable mineral extraction and import of building materials to continue until 31 December 2014: Grid Ref: 566598303679

It was agreed a meeting should be held on May 20th at 2pm in St. Andrews Church to consider the above applications.

15. It was noted that the Local Development Framework Site Specifics Document should be published during the summer of 2011.

16. Planning applications:

No planning applications have been received for consideration by the Parish Council although application 11/00695/F relating to Orchard House, The Row, West Dereham is available on line. The Parish Council has already received correspondence regarding this application and thus it was agreed that if plans were received this application would be considered at the meeting to be held on May 20th.

16.1 British Sugar is proposing to install a bioenergy facility at the Wissington factory. In advance of submitting a planning application the company must submit a feasibility study and thus British Sugar wish to share their plans and consult with members of the public. The Parish Council was invited to visit the factory but unfortunately the invitation was not received in time. Further information regarding the proposals is being sought by the Parish Council and it is hoped a future visit may be offered.

17. West Dereham Playing Field

The Parish Council has been informed that the Police, Freebridge Housing Anti-Social Behaviour Officer and a BCKLWN Neighbourhood Officer are involved with community issues relating to local youths playing football on the Playing Field. Balls are going into residents gardens. The Parish Council has been asked to consider conducting a survey as to what should happen on the Playing Field and what amenities should be provided for youngsters. The problems are reported to have subsided but Paddy Murfitt offered to investigate the claims.

18. Correspondence:

18.1 Norfolk Link Extra

18.2 BCKLWN meeting agenda 28/04/11

19. Further reports/items for the next agenda:

19.1 Village Assets/liabilities maintenance list

19.2 West Dereham Allotments

19.3 West Dereham Cemetery


Parish Clerk

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