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June 2011

An update from the West Dereham Heritage Group and in particlular the heritage Room

The planned trip to Langley Abbey and Great Yarmouth Time & Tide Museum on the 16th.of April had to cancelled. This was because there were insufficient bookings to make coach hire worth while. It will remain an option for a visit at some future date.

I have also just been informed that the May meeting on the 19th will now be one of the popular round table discussions as the speaker planned for that evening is unable to attend because of sickness but it is possible that it will take place at a later date this year.

Work with the Heritage Room is continuing at an ever increasing pace with detailed planning of the layout now finalised and a woodworking craftsman has been along to take measurements for various cabinets and display cases that will be required.

His quotations have been received and will be discussed at a Committee Meeting planned for the 12th of May when the decision for the work to proceed will be made.

Paddy Murfitt has completed the fitting of the remains of the tracery window which was salvaged and kept when the Nave windows to St Andrews Church were replaced earlier in the year. When these pieces were offered to the Village it was discussed by the group and it was suggested that the top arch of this window could be placed some where in the Village Hall during the refurbishment programme. The contractor, Robin Constable, had no problem with this and Paddy finished the work in April.

This will now be a permanent display of a window that was placed in the Church during the 18th century.

Although the weather has been excellent for the tourist trade it's been far too dry for farmers, horticulturists and those of us who have allotments and gardens cultivating fruit and vegetables. The driest March since 1944 and no recordable rain in West Dereham during April it's been a disaster for us allotment tenants. I thought 2010 was bad enough with a very dry spring/early summer, the rain coming just as the harvest got underway. In August there was 106mm recorded by me but prior to that a total of 50.5mm during the previous 3 months. Already some cereal crops look to under stress and brassicas are needing irrigation to keep them from any checks in there growth.

Sugar Beet have germinated and are growing reasonably well but early potatoes are suffering without the rain in spite of large amounts of farm yard manure dug in last year. At least the onions and shallots like the dry conditions.

Anyway there always hope, maybe some rain this weekend???


Richard C. French

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